Adult Congenital Heart Disease Conditions and Treatments

There are many forms of congenital heart disease, with some causing symptoms at birth or early childhood. The UW Health Adult Congenital Heart Disease Program in Madison, Wisconsin, offers treatment and lifelong care for the following conditions.





Treatment options for congenital heart disease continues to expand, giving patients access to state-of-the-art treatment options, including catheter-based procedures, arrhythmia management and optimal medical therapies.


For patients with a family history of cardiac disease or who have been diagnosed with an inherited heart condition, a genetic counselor works with patients and their extended families to document and address concerns including chromosomal abnormalities, genetic cardiomyopathies and connective tissue disorders.


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Additional procedures include:

  • Reconstruction for single ventricle physiology including cavopulmonary shunts and Hemi-Fontan operation
  • Completion Fontan surgery for tricuspid atresia/single ventricle
  • Valve replacement including the Ross procedure