UW Health-SwedishAmerican Integration Guiding Principles

With the formal merger completed January 1, 2015, UW Health has officially welcomed Rockford, Ilinois-based SwedishAmerican into the UW Health family. The organizations' guiding principles for creation of a seamless regional health system are presented below.


Guiding Principles

  1. Honor what is good for the whole; respect the mission, vision and values of all entities.
  2. Value each partner, acknowledge complementary strengths, and seek to learn from each other.
  3. Partner to create a vibrant clinical enterprise and foster the academic and research missions.
  4. Bring UW Health services to a larger population.
  5. Consider the local market, maintain commitment to the community, and deliver care locally based on shared criteria.
  6. Promote the health of individuals through proactive, seamless, patient- and family-centered care.
  7. Promote the health of populations through evidence-based care, health education and community partnerships.
  8. Recognize that strong clinician-to-clinician relationships are the foundation for achieving quality and cost-effectiveness goals.  
  9. Show respect for each employee as an individual and value all contributions.
  10. Promote financial health and efficiencies of scale.
  11. Leverage advanced, cost effective technology to improve care and bridge distance.