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The Vendor Incident Report Form is made available to report violations of UW Health Policy 11.19. All reports of vendor representatives violating the policy will be investigated by the UW Health Vendor Liaison Office.


While this form requires contact information from the person reporting the violation, rest assured that your identity will not be revealed to anyone. The contact information is needed for the staff of the Vendor Liaison Office so we can follow-up with you both with questions about the incident you are reporting, and to let you know how the situation was resolved.


As noted in the policy, the following disciplinary process will be followed for those representatives found in violation of UW Health 11.19:

  • First Infraction: A letter of reprimand will be sent to the representative and the representative's immediate supervisor.
  • Second infraction: A second infraction will result in the loss of hospital privileges for a period of six months.
  • Third infraction: A third infraction will result in the representative being permanently barred from conducting business at UW Hospital and Clinics.




Please note: This form should be used only for reporting Vendor incidents in regards to Policy 11.19. Please do not use this form for any other type of incident reporting.