Instructions for Research Personnel

Research and/or monitoring personnel are required to register with the Vendor Liaison Office (VLO) but are not required to pay the registration fee. Signing the confidentiality form is not a mandatory requirement for research personnel.


Please note that if research is not your only role and if you have any sales or marketing responsibility, you are required to both fully register with VLO and pay the required registration fee.


Registration Methods


Research and/or monitoring personnel may register by any of the following means.

  1. Download registration form (pdf) and mail it to the VLO office prior to arriving.
  2. Stop by the VLO office G5/140 the day of arrival and register.
  3. Send an email to the VLO office with your contact information.
  4. On the day you arrive, give your current business card or registration form to the study coordinator you are working with and ask that they send it to the VLO office at mail code 1639.

Online Registration


Please note that in the near future, a "self-service" web application will be made available that will allow research personnel to register online, and at that time the VLO will ask that research personnel obtain a "day pass" each time they visit UW Health facilities.

Individuals involved in multiple studies, including those who monitor studies for multiple vendors (e.g., employees of contract research organizations) are only required to register once.