Dr. Mustafa Baskaya Hosts Medical Students and Neurosurgeons from Turkey

The sharing of knowledge has a long reach for Mustafa Baskaya, MD.

Since joining the faculty of the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health in early 2006, Baskaya has regularly hosted visiting students, medical graduates and neurosurgeons from his homeland of Turkey in the research labs and operating rooms at UW Hospital and Clinics.

His satisfaction in helping others is unmistakable.

Baskaya came to UW with many established contacts - he served residencies at Ankara University, the capital city of Turkey, and at the University of Miami in Florida. Six months after arriving, he established an Anatomy and Skull Base Laboratory as an information exchange and training program for learning advanced neurosurgical skills and research techniques.
He hopes someday to establish an international center for such specialized learning at the University of Wisconsin.

Baskaya, who specializes in skull-based surgery, enjoys reciting the success stories of physicians from his homeland. He tells of one medical student from Turkey who was sitting for his board exam. The student said he passed his exam "because he worked with me."

Another of the doctors who studied under Baskaya in Madison "is doing surgeries exactly the way he learned here. He's doing the same thing in Ankara. He was very excited about that."

Yet another physician from a smaller city on the Mediterranean is doing the same.

"Teaching is the best way of learning," says Baskaya, emphasizing the importance of exchanging information in the operating room. "I teach them but I also learn from them."
"It's an indescribable experience for me. When they call back and say, 'I did this' because I saw it (when in Madison), that's the big reward."