A Technology Win-Win: Donating Computers to Schools

computer mouseSometimes it's a conversation over dinner that sparks an idea for a unique contribution to the community.


In 2006, University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics was in the midst of an organization-wide technology refresh of its computers. At the same time, employee Nick Berigan from Information Technology Services was hearing over the dinner table each night from his partner, a teacher for the Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD), about how students and teachers in the school were struggling to make do with outdated computer systems.


Armed with this knowledge, Nick suggested an idea which has grown into an organizational commitment to get surplus technology resources from the hospital into the hands of students in our schools.


Because of the private nature of information that may have been stored on these computers, it took an added commitment and diligent work by the ITS department to ensure that any and all information was stripped from the systems. But with the expertise of the ITS staff and the support of hospital administration, UW Hospital and Clinics was able to give more than 300 used computers to the MMSD, with another 300 earmarked for donation at the end of the fiscal year.


UW Hospital and Clinics found a productive way to manage its surplus equipment, and schools and students throughout the district have access to updated technology and tools to further their education.