Mark Johnson

Vice President, Managed Care Contracting

Mark Johnson serves as Vice President, Managed Care Contracting, where he plays a key role in the overall administration, direction, coordination and evaluation of the managed care contracting functions and activities of UW Health.

He ensures the financial viability of UW Health through the provision and management of managed care contracting functions; as well as the initiation, development, negotiation, and monitoring of contracts on behalf of UW Health. He is also responsible for the direction, management, and operational activities of the Department of Managed Care Contracting.

Mark began his career with UW Health in 1986 as a reimbursement analyst. He has held various positions and in 1996, until present, has served as the director of Managed Care Contracting for UW Hospitals and Clinics.

Mark holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Microbiology and a Master of Science degree in Health Care Financial Management from the University of Wisconsin–Madison.