Health and healing: Resources for patients, families and staff

Helping patients and families feel empowered throughout the healing process.


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The physical healing is only one component of a patient's hospital stay.

UW Health provides a full complement of support services to help patients and families on their road to recovery. We help you address the mind and spirit in addition to the body, and use the feedback we receive from patients and families to improve our services.


A wide variety of support groups are held for everyone from cancer patients to people hoping to get their diabetes under control.

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UW Health’s Spiritual Care Department is available to serve the spiritual and emotional needs of patients, loved ones, family members and staff.

Offering support during turbulent times, chaplains are specially trained ministers who work as part of a patient's health care team, believing that a person's spiritual and emotional well-being plays an important part in overall health.

At University Hospital, we are are located in E5/620 or by phone at (608) 263-8574. The chapel is located directly off the skywalk as you cross from University Hospital into American Family Children’s Hospital.

At UW Health SwedishAmerican Hospital, we are located on the State Street Concourse by the Gift Shop or by phone at (779) 696-4620. The chapel, open 24 hours a day, is located on the first floor of the main hospital by elevators 9, 10 and 11.

Vision statements

Spiritual care at UW Health follows the following vision statements:

  • To uphold the dignity of every individual

  • To provide a steady course through turbulent times

  • To provide an enduring pastoral presence

  • To respect the spiritual beliefs and needs of everyone

Contacting patients' faith leaders

Chaplains are glad to visit any patient upon request or to help patients request a visit from their own faith leaders who can best provide support consistent with their faith practices. A request for either can be made by calling the Spiritual Care Department at the numbers above.

Find Health Facts for You as well as a library of health information to help you learn more are all available in our patient education section.

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Walking routes

UW Health has created walking routes for our clinics and facilities.

Depending upon your fitness level and time available, choose the walking map that best fits into your day. Walking can do wonderful things for your mind, body and soul.

Instead of sitting in a reception area waiting for your loved one, embrace this opportunity to add some physical activity to your day.

Location routes (pdf)