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7/22/2019Preventing Yoga Injuries
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1/26/2018RED-S Syndrome: What Athletes Need to Know
7/20/2017Free Physicals for Uninsured High School Athletes
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3/19/2017Starting a Running Routine
1/17/2017Setting Realistic Goals When Returning to Exercise
6/10/2016Exercise with a Plan If You Have High Blood Pressure, Diabetes
3/15/2016Dynamic Stretching Versus Static Stretching
3/14/2016A Personal Journey: Putting Sport Psychology to the Test
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7/14/2015From Soccer Coach to Sports Medicine Doctor: Dr. Drew Watson
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1/13/2015Top 10 Reasons Cross Country Skiing is Good for You
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6/10/2014Get Fit At Any Age
4/16/2014Keeping Weekend Warriors Out of the Doctor's Office
3/09/2014What Athletes Can Teach Us
2/12/2014Get Exercising: Finding What's Right for You
1/06/2014Sports Physical Therapy Residency Receives Credentialing
1/02/2014New Tool Designed to Improve Patient Experience and Surgical Outcomes
9/30/2013UW Health Sports Medicine Pavilion Opens at Reddan Soccer Park
2/08/2013Skiers: Stay Safe on the Slopes
6/09/2011Good News, Bad News For Heavy College Football Players
12/29/2010Taking Care of the Badgers: UW Health Doctors Work With Football Team