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12/18/2020Outdoor Exercise Options in the Winter
8/10/2020Finding Ways to Support Young Athletes During Uncertain Fall, Winter Sports Seasons
7/02/2020More Than Two-Thirds of High School Athletes Report Anxiety and Depression Since Pandemic
6/08/2020Returning to Youth Sports Safely During COVID-19 Pandemic
2/26/2020Training Tips for Runners: How to Train Like the Pros
2/26/2020What to Eat When You're a Vegetarian or Vegan Athlete
9/19/2019Helping Teens Learn the Mental Aspect of the Game
7/22/2019Preventing Yoga Injuries
5/22/2019Eye Safety for Athletes
1/25/2019Helping Aging Athletes Stay at the Top of Their Game
1/24/2019Bringing Release to 'Knotty' Muscles
1/07/2019Tips to Help Female Athletes Reduce Their Risk of Injury
12/01/2018Is a Fitness Tracker Right for You?
11/27/2018How to Prepare for Winter Sports
11/22/2018Finding Good Deals on Workout Clothes
10/18/2018Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Physical Therapy
10/09/2018Leg Cramps and the Nutrition Connection
9/17/2018Why It Can be Hard to Transition Between Fitness Activities
8/20/2018The Benefits of Strength Training
8/09/2018How to Decide Whether to Try Qigong or Tai Chi
7/24/2018Do Compression Socks Help Runners?
7/24/2018How to Strengthen Your Core
4/24/2018Stress Fractures and the Nutrition Connection
3/13/2018When You're Trying to Find an Exercise You Enjoy
3/12/2018Working Toward a Better Understanding of Tendinopathy
2/23/2018Hip Preservation Helps Pain and May Prevent Replacement
1/26/2018RED-S Syndrome: What Athletes Need to Know
1/17/2018The Facets of Fitness
1/17/2018Where Have Your Resolutions Gone?
12/11/2017Strength Training Can Benefit Seniors
10/11/2017The Rules of Recovery Drinks
9/27/2017How to Measure the Effectiveness of Your Workout
8/24/2017Trigger Point Dry Needling: On-Point Pain Relief
7/21/2017CrossFit - A Physical Therapist's Perspective
5/12/2017Using Foam Rollers to Loosen Your "Guitar Strings"
4/10/2017Preventing Injuries in Young Baseball Players
3/06/2017Get Ready for Spring with These Fitness Tips
11/15/2016How Should I Eat While Recovering from My Sports Injury?
10/13/2016The Benefits of Group Exercise
9/13/2016Is It OK to Work Out When I'm Sick?
4/22/2016Preventing ACL Injuries in Female Athletes
2/23/2016Training for a Race: When to Rest, When to Seek Care
2/09/2016Should Athletes Take Supplements?
2/01/2016Tips for Safe Snow Shoveling
1/15/2016Are Express Workouts Effective?
1/12/2016The Benefits of Sport Massage
1/05/2016Core Workouts for Winter Sports
11/16/2015Get Your Head in the Game with Sport Psychology
11/13/2015Training Tips for Runners: How Strength Training Helps Distance Runners
10/15/2015Snack Fuel: Eating for Performance
9/25/2015Treating Athletes for 20 Years at Research Park
8/24/2015Tracking Your Health: There's an App for That
7/14/2015Maintaining Peak Athletic Performance as You Get Older
7/09/2015Training Tips for Runners: What Comes After Your 5K?
5/21/2015High Pitch Counts Can Lead to Arm Trouble for Young Pitchers
5/20/2015Avoiding Common Skin Problems for Athletes
5/19/2015Athletes Need to Recover Mentally From Injuries, Too
5/18/2015Treating Plantar Fasciitis Before it Becomes a Persistent Problem
4/08/2015Training Tips for Runners: Does the Type of Shoe Matter When Running?
3/25/2015Bucky's Sweet 16 Workout
3/19/2015"Tech Neck" Can Trigger Posture Problems
3/19/2015Do the March College Basketball Fan Workout, Badger Style
3/18/2015Using Mindfulness to Increase Exercise Satisfaction
3/12/2015Are You a Superstitious Athlete?
1/16/2015How to Fit in Exercise This Winter
1/14/2015Why Water Exercise is a Great Workout
8/18/2014UW Study Finds No Difference in Concussion Risk for Players with Different Helmets
1/06/2014Returning to Skiing After ACL Injuries
1/02/2014New Tool Designed to Improve Patient Experience and Surgical Outcomes
9/30/2013UW Health Sports Medicine Pavilion Opens at Reddan Soccer Park
7/17/2013Which Football Helmet is Best for Concussions?
10/09/2012UW Health Sports Medicine Experts Offer Services on East Side
9/18/2012Sports Medicine Program Gets Running Moms Back in Stride
8/28/2012Do Certain Football Helmets Prevent Concussions?
8/07/2012Developing Healthy Relationships to Sports for Young Athletes
1/03/2012UW Health Fitness Expert Shows You How to Return to Exercise
9/23/2011UW Sports Medicine: Ankle Braces Keep High School Football Players in the Game
8/24/2011A Career Comes Full Circle: Dr. William Clancy and ACL Reconstruction
8/15/2011Should Your Teen Wear Ankle Braces for Sports - A Q&A for Parents
7/11/2011Wisconsin Study Shows Fewer Injuries Among Athletes with Ankle Braces
4/21/2011Sport Psychology Helps Triathlete Find Right Frame of Mind
3/09/2011UW Sports Doctor Expresses Concern About Genetic Testing for Athletic Genes
12/29/2010Taking Care of the Badgers: UW Health Doctors Work With Football Team
11/22/2010Keeping Them on the Field: The Sports Med Athletic Training Outreach Program
11/22/2010UW Health Sports Medicine to Boost Local Soccer
4/30/2010UW Health Sports Medicine to Study Ankle Sprains
11/05/2009Brace Yourself: Are Ankle Braces Effective for Preventing Injuries?
9/16/2009Platelet-Rich Plasma: A Novel Alternative to Surgery
6/17/2009Keeping Sports in Perspective for Children
5/29/2009After-school Program Enhances Pediatric Fitness
5/14/2009Air-to-Fakie or Air-to-Injury? Head and Spine Injuries for Snowboarders
4/30/2009Increase in Girls' Volleyball Players Ups Risk for Injury
4/30/2009Injuries Common if Young Athletes Don't Prepare
11/19/2008Sports Medicine Center Offers Concussion Test