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4/10/2017Preventing Injuries in Young Baseball Players
4/11/2013College Students, Young Adults and the Bacterial Meningitis Vaccine
11/18/2011Traveling Safely with Children this Holiday Season
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6/16/2010Summer Safety Tips: Keeping Kids Safe Around Campfires
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2/25/2010Coming Up Short: UW Psychiatrist Says Kids Can Learn From Sports
2/19/2010Integrative Health and Pediatric Cancer Care
1/13/2010Nitrous Oxide Eases Pain, Stress of Difficult Children's Treatments
11/24/2009Tips for Treating Nose Bleeds
10/23/2009When The Hero Takes a Fall - Talking to Kids About Athletes and Scandal
10/20/2009Distracting Kids Helps Ease Pain from Vaccinations
10/13/2009UW Health Pediatrician Studies Impact of Social Media on Kids
9/29/2009Fresh Air May Help Baby's Colic
9/16/2009Advice for Parents: Don't Be Afraid of Being in Charge
8/17/2009Adjusting to Life When the Kids Leave
7/16/2009Sick Children Affect Parents' Mental Health
7/16/2009Summertime Equals Fitness Loss
7/07/2009Dangers of Diving
6/15/2009Safe Kids Coordinator Warns Against Driveway Dangers
6/10/2009Tips for Avoiding Water-Borne Illnesses This Summer
6/08/2009Childhood Climbing Can Lead to Injury
6/08/2009Talking to Your Children About Sex
6/02/2009From the Waiting Room to the Birthing Room
5/26/2009Misinterpreting Children's Medications
5/14/2009Risky Behavior Prominent on Teen MySpace Profiles
5/12/2009Teens and Over-the-Counter Drugs: A Dangerous Combo
11/06/2008Advice for Parents of Picky Eaters
11/04/2008Helping Children Cope When a Loved One Has Cancer
4/08/2008The Challenges of Parenting When Children Are Ill