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4/13/2021As Schools Reopen, UW Health and Former Badger/NFL star Chris Borland Team Up to Help Families Manage Mental Health Concerns
4/07/2021Healthcare Heroes: Infusion Clinic Staff Care for COVID-19 Patients
4/06/2021UW Health Partners With Wisconsin Latino Chamber of Commerce to Vaccinate Essential Workers
4/02/2021Final Four Weekend: Science Behind the Sports 'Bubbles'
4/01/2021UW Health Offers Advice to Overcome COVID-19 Vaccine Needle Fear
3/31/2021UW Health Announces Reopening of Local Clinics
3/29/2021UW Health Addresses Current State of Vaccination Efforts
3/25/2021Gratitude Can Help People Emerge Healthier and Happier from Pandemic
3/23/2021UW Health Care Direct Helps Homebound Patients Get COVID-19 Vaccinations
3/22/2021UW Health Shifts to Self-Scheduling Attestation Model for COVID-19 Vaccinations
3/18/2021UW Health Offers Advice for Families as More In-Person Classes Resume Across Wisconsin
3/17/2021One Year Ago: Cancer Patient Reflects on Surgery at the Beginning of the Pandemic
3/16/2021UW Health Reminds Public Mask Wearing, Other Measures, Need To Continue After Vaccination
3/15/2021With Spring Break Approaching, UW Health Officials Advise Caution
3/12/2021American Family Children's Hospital Launches Virtual Volunteer Program
3/11/2021UW Health Highlights Safety and Effectiveness of COVID-19 Vaccines, Addresses Vaccine Hesitancy
3/10/2021Dermatologists Seeing Increased Hair Loss In Recovered COVID-19 Patients
3/05/2021As Disturbing Trends Emerge, UW Health Urges Cancer Screening Appointments
3/04/2021UW Health Shares Latest Data on Vaccination Equity
3/03/2021Madison Hospitals Easing Visitor Guidelines
3/02/2021UW Health Encourages Patients to Use DHS Vaccine Provider Map as Additional Resource for COVID-19 Vaccines
3/01/2021UW Health Provides Update on Vaccination of 65-and-Older Population
2/26/2021Healthcare Heroes: UW Health Lab Performs Nearly 200,000 COVID-19 Tests
2/25/2021Strategies for Managing Psychological Impact of COVID-19
2/22/2021UW Health Patients Have Options When Receiving COVID-19 Vaccines
2/19/2021UW Health Expert Offers Latest Information on COVID-19 'Long Haulers'
2/17/2021COVID-19 Pandemic Overshadows Rise in Overdose Visits to the Emergency Department
2/15/2021UW Health Offers Advice On Visiting Those Who've Been Vaccinated Against COVID-19
2/10/2021UW Health Reports Practically Nonexistent Flu Season
2/08/2021UW Health Launches New COVID-19 Vaccine Dashboard
2/05/2021What to Know After You Get the Vaccine
2/04/2021UW Health, Area Healthcare Organizations Support the Use of Masks
2/03/2021Cancer and the COVID-19 Vaccine: Five Questions Answered
2/03/2021UW Health Doctor Explains Vaccine Implications For Some High-Risk Groups
2/02/2021UW Health Addresses Where We Stand Locally and Nationally on COVID-19 Vaccines
2/01/2021After Fighting COVID-19, Miracle Mom Finally Meets Baby She Gave Birth to While in a Coma
1/29/2021Healthcare Heroes: Infection Control and Prevention at UW Health
1/28/2021UW Health Leaders Reflect on How COVID-19 Changed Healthcare
1/26/2021Early, Proactive COVID-19 Response Heightened UW Health's Reputation as a Voice of Authority
1/19/2021UW Health Encourages Patients 65 and Older to Visit
1/08/2021UW Health Offers Guidance on Milder Cases of COVID-19
1/06/2021UW Health Encourages Convalescent Plasma Donations for COVID-19 Treatment
12/31/2020UW Health Looking Ahead to 2021, Reflecting on Events of 2020
12/30/2020New Year's Resolutions Are More Important This Year
12/17/2020UW Health Suggests Virtual Holiday Gatherings
12/09/2020UW Health Trains Staff to Prepare for Arrival of COVID-19 Vaccines
12/08/2020UW Health Outlines Expanded COVID-19 Treatment Options
12/07/2020UW Health Designated A Hub for Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution
12/04/2020Combatting Social Isolation and Loneliness is Key to Well-Being This Holiday Season
12/03/2020UW Health Updates Primary Care and Respiratory Services During Surge, Offers Free Flu Vaccine Clinic
12/02/2020Daily Update: UW Health Opens New Indoor Drive-Thru Testing Facility
11/25/2020Illinois Family Braved the COVID-19 Pandemic's Early Days to Find Lifesaving Care at UW Health
11/24/2020COVID-19 Vaccine Not Likely to be Available to the Public Until Spring 2021 or Later
11/23/2020UW Health Shares Recommendations for Elder Safety This Thanksgiving
11/23/2020UW Health, Meriter Receive Small Allotments of Investigational COVID-19 Treatment
11/20/2020UW Health Shares Health and Safety Guidelines for the Wisconsin Deer Hunting Season
11/18/2020American Family Children's Hospital Getting Creative with Music Therapy During COVID-19
11/16/2020Guidelines and Recommendations for Quarantining at Home
11/14/2020Hospitals to Postpone Additional Non-Urgent Surgeries to Increase ICU Access
11/13/2020Holidays May Force Tough COVID-19 Conversations
11/12/2020Woman Who Received Double Lung Transplant Because of COVID-19 Released from University Hospital
11/10/2020UW Health Experts Want to Eliminate Flu Vaccine Disparities
11/02/2020Tips for Voting In Person Safely in the 2020 Election
10/30/2020American Family Children's Hospital Gets Creative to Celebrate Halloween During COVID-19
10/29/2020UW Health Shares Importance of No-Visitor Policy During COVID-19 Surge
10/28/2020UW Set to Resume Clinical Trial for AstraZeneca's Investigational COVID-19 Vaccine
10/20/2020UW Health Experts Bust Seven Flu Myths
10/19/2020UW Health Officials: Badger Football Game Days Must Look Different in 2020
10/14/2020UW Health and UW School of Medicine and Public Health Launch New Study Finder
10/12/2020UW Health Highlights Importance of Mask Wearing on #MaskUpMonday
10/09/2020Hospitals Taking Steps to Manage Increased Hospitalizations from COVID-19
10/08/2020UW Health Shares Updates on Flu Vaccines and Drive-Thru Clinic
10/07/2020Using Proven Treatments and Developing New Methods Crucial to Fighting COVID-19
10/06/2020UW Health Donates Child Care Equipment, Hand Sanitizer to Community Partners
10/05/2020UW Health Using COVID-19 Saliva Test for Certain Patients
10/01/2020UW Health Offers Caution on Indoor Gatherings
9/28/2020Staying In Touch With Primary Care Providers During COVID-19
9/24/2020UW Health Celebrates World Cancer Research Day
9/23/2020Managing COVID Fatigue is Crucial to Our Health and Wellbeing During the Pandemic
9/22/2020Busting Mask Myths One Question at a Time
9/21/2020UW Health Begins Drive-Thru Flu Shot Clinic; Encourages Early Vaccinations
9/18/2020Consistent Sleep Critical to Youth in This Unusual School Year
9/17/2020Healthcare Heroes: UW Health Recognizes Those Who Ramped Up Virtual Care During the Pandemic
9/16/2020Healthcare Heroes: Patient Navigator Adapts to COVID-19 to Promote Cancer Screenings
9/15/2020Nephrology Nurses Play a Critical Role During Pandemic
9/14/2020Healthcare Heroes: UW Health Celebrates the Work of Phlebotomists During Pandemic
9/11/2020Madison Hospitals Revise Visitor Guidelines Due to Recent Surge of Cases
9/11/2020UW Health Honors Emergency Medical Personnel on Sept. 11
9/10/2020UW Health Seeks to Raise Awareness During World Suicide Prevention Day
9/09/2020UW Health's Anti-Racism Strategy to Promote Health Equity
9/08/2020UW Health Encourages Early Pediatric Influenza Vaccines
9/04/2020American Family Children's Hospital Nurse Saves Little Girl's Life Twice
9/03/2020UW Health and University of Wisconsin Focus on Diversity for COVID-19 Vaccine Clinical Trial
9/02/2020First Study Participants to Receive COVID-19 Vaccine Today at UW Health
8/28/2020Outpatient Joint Replacement Surgery a Welcome Option for Some Patients During Pandemic
8/27/2020Eye Safety and Care for Students With Heavy Screen Time
8/26/2020Caring for Parents' Mental Health as the School Year Begins
8/25/2020Routine Colonoscopy During COVID-19 Saves Madison Woman's Life
8/20/2020Madison Resident Undergoes Brain Tumor Surgery During COVID-19 Pandemic
8/19/2020UW Health Expert to Give Statewide Keynote on Brain Health During COVID-19
8/18/2020UW Health Promotes Healthy Foods for Kids Attending School Virtually
8/17/2020UW Health Experts Share Vaccine Overview
8/14/2020UW Health Urges Caution on Large Gatherings, Even Outdoors
8/13/2020Navigating New Parenthood in a Pandemic
8/12/2020UW Health Offers Work from Home Safety Recommendations
8/11/2020UW Health Offers Guidance for Parents With Children Returning to School
8/10/2020Finding Ways to Support Young Athletes During Uncertain Fall, Winter Sports Seasons
8/07/2020Staying Safe and Managing Social Pressures During the Pandemic
8/06/2020COVID-19 Pandemic Coincides With Rise of Opioid Overdoses
8/05/2020State's Only Lupus and Lupus Nephritis (kidney) Clinic Adapts to COVID-19
8/04/2020UW Health Shares Cancer Prevention Tips for COVID-19 Era
8/03/2020UW Health Addresses Evidence of Lingering COVID-19 Symptoms
7/31/2020Empowering Kids and Teens During Pandemic Can Help Their Mental Health
7/30/2020Wearing Masks Can Help Bend the COVID-19 Curve Across Wisconsin
7/29/2020Defying National Trend, UW Health Performed More Heart Transplants During Pandemic
7/24/2020UW Health Reopens Wig Salon for Cancer Patients
7/23/2020UW Health - Preparing For Every COVID-19 Possibility
7/22/2020Masks Can Cause Anxiety for Some, But There is Help
7/21/2020Milwaukee-area Woman Gets Life-Changing Kidney Transplant During Pandemic
7/20/2020UW Health Stresses the Importance of Colonoscopies During COVID-19
7/17/2020All of Us Research Program at UW-Madison Joins the Fight Against COVID-19
7/16/2020UW Health Encourages Mammograms During COVID-19
7/15/2020UW Health Encourages Elder Support
7/13/2020UW Health Addresses the Importance of Masks/face Coverings to Combat COVID-19
7/10/2020UW Health Offers Tips on Talking With Teens About COVID-19
7/09/2020UW Health and UW-Madison College of Engineering Develop Clear Face Shields
7/08/2020Heat Adds Additional Health Threat to Wisconsin Residents
7/06/2020Joint Statement from Public Health Madison Dane County and Health Systems on COVID -19 Testing
7/06/2020UW Health Urges Continue Adherence to COVID-19 Safety Measures
7/03/2020UW Study Looks to Help With Quarantine 15 Weight Management
7/02/2020More Than Two-Thirds of High School Athletes Report Anxiety and Depression Since Pandemic
7/01/2020Increase in COVID-19 Cases in Dane County Prompts New Guidelines
6/30/2020COVID-19 Pandemic Has Hit Those Confronted With Chronic Pain Especially Hard
6/29/2020UW Health Urges Vigilance as COVID-19 Cases Increase in Dane County and Wisconsin
6/26/2020Don't Postpone Well-Child Visits and Vaccinations During Pandemic
6/25/2020UW Health Sees the Impact of COVID-19 Stress With Increased Hair and Skin Conditions
6/24/2020UW School of Medicine and Public Health Part of New Clinical Trial to Combat COVID-19
6/22/2020UW Health Offers Summer Safety Tips During the Pandemic
6/19/2020UW Health Reopening Some Primary Care Clinics
6/19/2020UW Health Uses Creative Solution For Skin Cancer Treatment During COVID-19
6/18/2020Staying Active During COVID-19
6/18/2020Surgeons, Dermatologists Team Up To Treat Skin Cancer Patients During COVID-19
6/17/2020Milwaukee-Area Family's Journey During COVID-19 at American Family Children's Hospital
6/16/2020How to Make the Most of Your Virtual Visit
6/15/2020Vaping and Smoking Likely Increase Susceptibility to and Severity of COVID-19
6/12/2020UW Health geriatricians offer tips for dementia care during COVID-19
6/11/2020UW Health Offers Tips, Clarifications on Face Coverings
6/10/2020UW Health Dermatologist Researching "COVID Toes" in Children
6/09/2020Developing Emotional Protective Equipment During the Pandemic
6/08/2020Returning to Youth Sports Safely During COVID-19 Pandemic
6/05/2020Recovered COVID-19 Patient and Her Nurse Reunite
6/04/2020Treating COVID-19 Patients in Critical Condition
6/03/2020One Patient's Story of Critical Care During COVID-19
6/02/2020UW Health Increasing Options for Patient Visits
6/01/2020Managing Diabetes Care During COVID-19
5/29/2020Managing Nutrition During COVID-19
5/28/2020Understanding the Difference Between Allergies and COVID-19
5/27/2020Managing Sleep Health During COVID-19
5/26/2020As Dane County Starts to Re-open, UW Health Offers Advice on Staying Safe
5/20/2020Community Creates a Financial Relief Program to Support UW Health Employees
5/19/2020UW Health Sees Increase in Burn Cases; Shares Prevention Reminders with Community
5/18/2020Managing Substance Use and Addiction During COVID-19
5/15/2020UW Health Harnesses the Power of Telemedicine to Meet Patient Needs During COVID-19
5/13/2020Understanding the Difference Between the COVID-19 and Antibody Tests
5/12/2020Recovered COVID-19 Patient and Her Nurse Develop Special Bond
5/11/2020Receiving the Gift of Life During COVID-19
5/06/2020UW Health Thanks Community for Supporting Caregivers
5/04/2020UW Health Expands COVID-19 Testing
5/01/2020Actively Coping with Stress During COVID-19 Pandemic
4/30/2020Seeking Heart Attack Care During COVID-19
4/29/2020Hospitals and Clinics are Safe During COVID-19
4/28/2020UW Health Blood Bank Vital to Bringing Convalescent Plasma to COVID-19 Patients
4/23/2020Madison Hospitals Urge Patients to Address all Important Healthcare Needs During COVID-19
4/21/2020Hospital Begins Sterilization of N-95 Respirators
4/17/2020Medical Assistant Apprentices Take on New Roles to Help COVID-19 Response
4/16/2020Madison Hospitals Safe for Mother-Baby Care
4/15/2020UW Health Partners with UW Engineering to Maximize Donations from Strategic National Stockpile
4/14/2020Daily Update: Environmental Services Workers are Unsung Frontline Heroes
4/13/2020First COVID-19 Patient at University Hospital Treated with Plasma from Recovered Patient
4/13/2020Treating COVID-19 Patients with Plasma from Survivors
4/10/2020Daily Update: Retired Nurses Come Back to Help
4/09/2020Keep Up Social Distancing, Especially During the Spring Holidays
4/09/2020Our Healthcare Heroes on the Frontlines of the COVID-19 Response
4/08/2020Daily Update: UW Health Lab Ramps Up COVID-19 Testing
4/02/2020UW Health Pharmacy Services Helps Maximize PPE Supply at University Hospital and UnityPoint Health - Meriter
4/01/2020Daily Update: Efforts to Conserve Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
3/31/2020Daily Update: UW Health Creates a Respiratory Care Unit to Prepare for COVID-19
3/30/2020Clinical Simulation Program Trains for Proper and Efficient Use of Personal Protective Equipment
3/30/2020Creating a New Normal During Uncertain Times
3/27/2020Daily Update: UW Health Language Access Program Essential to Community During COVID-19
3/26/2020Daily Update: How You Can Help the Response to COVID-19
3/25/2020Daily Update: Celebrating Healthcare Heroes
3/22/2020Use of NSAIDS, ACE inhibitors, ARBs or RAAS in Suspected or Confirmed COVID-19 Patients
3/20/2020How to Help Kids Cope During the Uncertainty of Coronavirus
3/20/2020Patients Do Not Need to Pay in Advance for COVID-19 Testing
3/19/2020COVID-19 Daily Update: Caring for Cancer Patients During COVID-19
3/19/2020Retail Pharmacy Changes Beginning Friday, March 20
3/18/2020COVID-19 Daily Update March 18: UW Health Increases Capacity for Telehealth and Virtual Visits in COVID-19 Response
3/17/2020COVID-19 Daily Update March 17: Social Distancing
3/16/2020COVID-19 Daily Update: Social Distancing
3/12/2020COVID-19 Daily Update: Call Before You Come in for COVID-19 Testing
3/10/2020March 11 Update: UW Health Releases New Guidelines on Visitors, Volunteers and Events
2/05/2020Feb. 5 Update: UW Health Statement on First Reported Case of 2019 Novel Coronavirus in Wisconsin
2/03/2020Feb. 3 Update: UW Health Expands Travel History Questions in Response to 2019 Novel Coronavirus in China
1/24/2020Jan. 24 Update: UW Health Starts Asking Travel History Questions in Response to Coronavirus in Wuhan, China