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UW Health at The American Center is a unique health and wellness facility on the east side of Madison that offers a variety of yoga and exercise classes, cooking lessons and swimming classes and swim team training.


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UW Health Community Wellness Aerial Yoga class

Aerial Sampler Workshop


This well-rounded series starts at the introductory level, allowing you to explore, refine and advance traditional yoga poses and fitness exercises, both in the air and on the ground.


Register online: Aerial Sampler Workshop

UW Health Community Wellness Healthy Living: couple walking on the beach

Stress Reduction and Resiliency


Take the opportunity to explore mindfulness, gentle yoga, breathing exercises and the awareness of kindness. This mind-body skills series is intended to promote a sense of ease and stability in the face of stress.


Register online for Stress Reduction and Resiliency

Deep water interval training class: Women in pool

Warm Water Gentle Moves


This non-impact activity class in the warm water pool uses gentle, fluid stretching and movements to contribute to overall fitness, including balance and functional ability.


Register online for Warm Water Gentle Moves

UW Health Wellness: Spices 101 cooking class

Low Calorie Meals


Join us for a hands-on class where you’ll learn techniques to slash the calories but savor the flavor.


Register online for Low Calorie Meals

UW Health Wellness Aqua Bootcamp class

Aqua Bootcamp


Aqua Bootcamp combines the buoyancy and resistance of the water to provide an effective, low-impact workout performed in chest-deep water of the lap pool.


Register online for Aqua Bootcamp

UW Health Wellness at The American Center: Freezer meals cooking class spacer UW Health Wellness at The American Center: Yoga Fundamentals