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Medical Weight Management

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The UW Health Medical Weight Management Program is designed to help you address your weight management and weight loss needs, both immediate and long-term.


Our team has developed program areas focused on helping you with your weight loss goals and helping you establish a long-term, healthy lifestyle for successful ongoing management of obesity. Change in lifestyle is essential to help avoid regaining weight.


Program Tiers

Within this program you will have an assessment and ongoing support from a bariatric physician assistant, a registered dietitian and a health psychologist to identify the most appropriate program tier. Over time you will likely participate in more than one tier of the program.


Who can benefit from this program?


Patients may benefit from the appropriate tier in our program if they:

  • Have a medical need for prompt, more rapid weight loss
  • Have an upcoming surgery and would benefit from reducing the risks of anesthesia/surgery or recovery as directed by surgeon
  • Have significant health issues that would improve with weight loss
  • Have significant obesity and want to use a non-surgical weight management approach
  • Would benefit from a multidisciplinary team approach to facilitate greater weight loss and have long term weight maintenance
Our programs are designed for adults 18 years and older. For information about pediatric weight loss, please contact UW Health's Pediatric Fitness Clinic.

Program Participation


If you participate in any of our program's three tiers, you can expect a total of three to six months or longer of participating, including:

  • Initial consultation with our bariatric physician assistant, dietitian and health psychologist
  • Pre-participation labs
  • Weekly Shared Medical Appointment (SMA) and clinical exam (VLCD or Modified VLCD)
  • Periodic monitoring of labs/ECG
  • Transition back to standard foods guided by program registered dietitian
  • Participation in the Lifestyle class series and individual appointments as indicated