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Voice Treatments

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National Association of Teachers of Singing

National Center for Voice and Speech

The Voice Foundation

The voice experts at UW Health are internationally recognized for excellence in research, diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of voice disorders.


Our holistic approach to voice care recognizes the wide range of factors that can affect vocal function, and is enhanced by our close collaboration with colleagues in other medical specialties.


Intensive Voice Therapy



Treatments and Services for Voice Disorders


The health care providers at our voice clinics provide a wide range of general and specialized care for the voice. We recognize that the voice is quite a complicated function that can affect swallowing, breathing and speaking. Through an initial evaluation, our staff will determine the best approach to care for your voice concerns:

Our team is at the forefront of providing in-office treatments for many voice, resonance and airway conditions. In-office treatments are more comfortable and convenient for the patient, and do not require being taken to the operating room.


Office-based upper airway procedures are routinely performed using only topical anesthesia, sparing the patient a trip to the operating room. This option allows patients to miss less work and avoid the added costs associated with anesthesia.


In-office procedures include:

  • Laryngotracheoscopy (airway exam)
  • Transnasal esophogoscopy (TNE)
  • Laryngoscopy
  • Pulsed-dye Laser
  • Hollow-core Laser
  • Injection medialization procedures

Surgical procedures include:

Other treatments and services include:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of voice and velopharyngeal disorders
  • Diagnosis and treatment of chronic cough and vocal cord dysfunction

Professional and Performing Voice Programs