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Professional and Performing Voice Programs

Contact Information
Voice and Swallowing Clinic, UW Hospital
(608) 263-6190
Voice Clinic, 1 S. Park
(608) 287-2500

woman singing into a microphoneVoice Use for Professional and Amateur Singers


UW Health physicians and support staff understand the importance of voice quality to singers.


Whether a singer is a professional operatic performer or is someone who has enjoyed singing in the community for many years, anyone who identifies him or herself as a singer feels that singing is an important means of expression.


UW Health provides comprehensive diagnosis and care for all types of singers. Patients are treated by an expert team that includes laryngologists, speech pathologists and other professionals who are experienced in providing treatment services to singers of all experience levels. Learn more


teacher lecturingOccupational Voice Use


Common occupational voice users are teachers, clergy, attorneys, customer service representatives, marketing professionals, dispatchers, emergency operators, actors and singers.


The two most common occupational voice disorders often occur together. They include:

  • Hoarseness
  • Poor vocal endurance

When your voice is the tool of your trade, UW Health physicians and staff understand the importance of voice use to those who depend on voice quality to perform the daily functions of a profession. Learn more