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UWCCC Grand Rounds Schedule 2012


1/11/2012UWCCC Grand Rounds - Updates from the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium
1/18/2012UWCCC Grand Rounds-Moving Targeted Thyroid Cancer Therapies Into the Invasive and Metastatic Frontiers
1/25/2012UWCCC Grand Rounds-Targeting Cell Death in Cancer
2/01/2012UWCCC Grand Rounds - Engineering a Personalized Therapy for Metastatic Melanoma: Adding hrDNase1 to the Anti-Cancer Arsenal
2/08/2012UWCCC Grand Rounds - Updates from the American Society of Hematology Conference
2/22/2012UWCCC Grand Rounds-Advances in Radiation Therapy for Breast Cancer
2/29/2012UWCCC Grand Rounds-Principal Investigator Good Clinical Practice Training- Part I of II
3/07/2012UWCCC Grand Rounds-Principal Investigator Good Clinical Practice Training- Part II of II
3/14/2012UWCCC Grand Rounds-From Bench to Bedside to Beam: Hippocampal-Sparing during Cranial Irradiation
3/21/2012UWCCC Grand Rounds-Prolactin: Potential Therapeutic Target in Breast and Prostate Cancer?
3/28/2012UWCCC Grand Rounds-iPS Cell Based Immunotherapy of Malignant Gliomas
4/04/2012UWCCC Grand Rounds-Tissue Factor Pathway Inhibitor and Hemophilia
4/11/2012UWCCC Grand Rounds-The Life Story of Protons: Birth to Demise
4/18/2012UWCCC Grand Rounds-Cancer in Indian Country: Policy, Ethical and Research Considerations
4/25/2012UWCCC Grand Rounds-Innovations and Integrated Head and Neck Cancer Care
5/02/2012UWCCC Grand Rounds-Biospecimen Collection and Genetic Research with Minorities: Increasing the Promise and Lessening the Peril
5/09/2012UWCCC Grand Rounds-Updates In Chronic Myeloid Leukemia
5/16/2012UWCCC Grand Rounds-Joint Session with Drs. Onujiougu and Kruser
7/18/2012UWCCC Grand Rounds - Kidney Cancer Treatment
7/25/2012UWCCC Grand Rounds-Stem Cell Activation in Colitis-Induced Cancer
8/01/2012UWCCC Grand Rounds-Breast Cancer Screening: Assessing Local Practices and Improving Shared Decision Making
8/08/2012UWCCC Grand Rounds-Hyperpolarized Carbon-13 Metabolic Imaging
8/15/2012UWCCC Grand Rounds-Of Mice and Humans - Genetics of Colorectal Cancer
8/22/2012UWCCC Grand Rounds-Targeting Growth Factors in Resistant Breast Cancers
8/29/2012UWCCC Grand Rounds-Sexual Health in Women after Cancer
9/19/2012UWCCC Grand Rounds-Targeting DNA Repair as an Approach to Cancer Therapy
9/26/2012UWCCC Grand Rounds-GU ASCO Update and HSR/Patient & Survivor Care
10/03/2012UWCCC Grand Rounds-Music and Cancer: A Prescription for Healing
10/10/2012UWCCC Grand Rounds-Optimal Management of Relapsed/Refractory Hodgkin Lymphoma
10/17/2012UWCCC Grand Rounds-ASCO Updates
10/24/2012UWCCC Grand Rounds-ASCO Updates: Gynecology Oncology
10/31/2012UWCCC Grand Rounds-Redox Regulation of Vascular Thrombosis
11/07/2012UWCCC Grand Rounds-ASCO Updates-GI and Breast
11/14/2012UWCCC Grand Rounds-Cell Division, Polyploidy and Cancer
11/28/2012UWCCC Grand Rounds-Lung Cancer Update
12/05/2012UWCCC Grand Rounds-Chemotherapy Shortages and Costs: Complex Solutions
12/19/2012UWCCC Grand Rounds-ASH Update


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