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UWCCC Grand Rounds Schedule 2011


1/05/2011UWCCC Grand Rounds - MYCN-Driven Murine Genetic Models for Pediatric Cancer Drug Development
1/12/2011UWCCC Grand Rounds - Clinical Benefit from ADCC (Antibody-Dependent Cell-mediated Cytotoxicity): Lessons from Neuroblastoma
1/19/2011UWCCC Grand Rounds - Breast Cancer: Margins and Novel Intraoperative Technologies
1/26/2011UWCCC Grand Rounds Bladder Cancer: Past, Present, and Future
2/09/2011UWCCC Grand Rounds - Early Detection of Ovarian Cancer: Mission Impossible?
2/16/2011UWCCC Grand Rounds - Diagnostic Radiology: Exposing the Risks
2/23/2011UWCCC Grand Rounds - Radiotherapy-related Second Solid Malignancies
3/02/2011UWCCC Grand Rounds - An Evolving View of Cancer Stem Cells
3/09/2011UWCCC Grand Rounds - Sarcoma: Beyond the Names
3/16/2011UWCCC Grand Rounds - Cancer of Unknown Primary Site: New Developments in Diagnosis and Treatment
3/23/2011UWCCC Grand Rounds - Translational Research - Lung Cancer
3/30/2011UWCCC Grand Rounds - Pulsed Reduced Dose Rate Radiotherapy in the Management of Recurrent Glioma and Breast Cancer
4/06/2011UWCCC Grand Rounds - Genetics Based Targeted Therapies and Diagnostics for Breast Cancer
4/13/2011UWCCC Grand Rounds - Molecular Diapeutics - New Targeting: Approaches to Cancer Stem Cell; Detection and Treatment
4/20/2011UWCCC Grand Rounds - Metastatic Bone Disease: An Orthopedic Perspective
4/27/2011UWCCC Grand Rounds - Potential of Micro Scale Technology to Enable Insights into Cancer Biology
5/04/2011UWCCC Grand Rounds - Preclinical Chemoprevention Studies with NSAIDS/Celecoxib in Colon, Skin and Bladder. Is COX-2 the Target? Is Naproxen the Answer?
5/11/2011UWCCC Grand Rounds - Modern Advances in Head and Neck Oncology
5/18/2011UWCCC Grand Rounds - DNA Vaccines for Prostate Cancer - Bench to Bedside
5/25/2011UWCCC Grand Rounds - Metastatic Bone Disease and Tight Post-operative Glycemic Control
6/01/2011UWCCC Grand Rounds - Triolimus: Nanoassembled Paclitaxel, 17-AAG, and Rapamycin for Cancer Therapy
6/15/2011UWCCC Grand Rounds - Treatment of Cytomegalovirus Infection in Stem Cell Transplant Recipients with Valganciclovir
6/22/2011UWCCC Grand Rounds - Chemoprevention of Breast Cancer: The Old into the New
6/29/2011UWCCC Grand Rounds - Tight Controls of PP2A Holoenzyme Biogenesis And Implications for Cancer Therapy
7/13/2011UWCCC Grand Rounds - Gynecologic and Genitourinary Malignancies: Highlights from ASCO 2011
7/20/2011UWCCC Grand Rounds - Life on B6-6: A Prospective Analysis
7/27/2011UWCCC Grand Rounds - Gastrointestinal Cancers and Melanoma: Highlights from ASCO 2011
8/03/2011UWCCC Grand Rounds-The Role of Tumor Microenvironment in Oncolytic Virotherapy in Lung Cancer
8/10/2011UWCCC Grand Rounds - Promotion of Anti-Tumor Immune Responses with Epigenetic Modifying Agents
8/17/2011UWCCC Grand Rounds - Targeting Dysregulated Ras Signaling in Cancer
8/24/2011UWCCC Grand Rounds-Breast Cancer Predictive Factor Testing: Bridging the Gap Between Diagnosis and Clinical Management
8/31/2011UWCCC Grand Rounds - Alzheimer's Disease and Aging Research at UW: Potential for Collaborations with the Cancer Center
9/07/2011UWCCC Grand Rounds - Breast and Lung Malignancies: Highlights from ASCO 2011
9/14/2011UWCCC Grand Rounds-From GATA Factor Genomics to Developmental and Disease Mechanisms
9/21/2011UWCCC Grand Rounds - Addressing Cancer Disparities Among American Indians Through Innovative Technologies and Patient Navigation: The Walking Forward Experience
9/28/2011UWCCC Grand Rounds - NK Cell Biology: Exploiting a Killer
10/05/2011UWCCC Grand Rounds - Cancer Survivorship at the UWCCC in 2011
10/12/2011UWCCC Grand Rounds - Wisconsin's Comprehensive Cancer Control Program
10/19/2011UWCCC Grand Rounds - Stereotactic Radiotherapy for Primary and Metastatic Liver Cancer - A New Treatment Option
10/26/2011UWCCC Grand Rounds - Neuromuscular Complications of Cancer and Its Treatment
11/02/2011UWCCC Grand Rounds - IGF Signaling as a Target in Cancer - Trials and Tribulations
11/09/2011UWCCC Grand Rounds - Lung Cancer: A Discussion About Screening and Smoking Cessation
11/16/2011UWCCC Grand Rounds - A Radioimmunotherapy Update
11/30/2011UWCCC Grand Rounds - Personalizing Therapy For Lung Cancer: Past, Present & Future
12/07/2011UWCCC Grand Rounds - Primer On Tumor Staging And The EPIC Environment
12/14/2011UWCCC Grand Rounds - Hormone Action In Prostate Cancer Progression


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