American Family Children's Hospital


Services currently provided by the Genome Editing and Animal Models Shared Resource include:

  • Generation of transgenic mice and rats by pronuclear microinjection
  • Generation of knockout mice: generation of targeting vectors, targeted embryonic stem (ES) cell clones and chimeric mice by injection of ES cells into host blastocysts
  • Cryopreservation of mouse and rat embryos
  • Cryopreservation of mouse and rat sperm in vitro fertilization
  • Strain rederivation by embryo transfer 
  • Miscellaneous molecular biology and animal services related to transgenic technology
  • Project design, consultation and training

In addition, the staff is available for consulting at any point in the process of using the services. Considerable time is spent discussing experimental design and providing guidance on processes that they themselves are or will be carrying out. They also train investigators in techniques such as superovulating, mating and collecting reproductive tracts from female mice for embryo cryopreservation, isolating DNA for pronuclear microinjections, mouse handling and breeding protocols and cutting tails and genomic DNA preparation Southern blotting to identify correctly mutated ES cells.

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