American Family Children's Hospital

Medicinal Chemistry

Medicinal chemistry expertise and services are available at the Medicinal Chemistry Center (MCC) in the UW School of Pharmacy.  The MCC is currently staffed by three PhD-level scientists: Dr. John Feltenberger, Dr. Zhi-Xiong Ma, and Dr. Zheng-Qing Ye.  The team has previously worked with over 40 individual UW-Madison laboratories across a broad range of projects requiring lead and probe discovery, hit-to-lead optimization, rational drug design, and scale-up synthesis for animal studies.


Available services include:

  • Development of small molecule probes (attachment of fluorophore, biotin, clickable tether, etc.)

  • Hit-to-lead optimization campaigns from validated screening hits

  • Rational drug design program

  • SAR analysis

  • Synthesis of known bioactive small molecules from the literature (not commercially available)

  • Scale-up synthesis of bioactive small molecules to support animal studies (up to multi-gram scale)

  • Purification of crude mixtures of compounds

  • Sample analysis (ie. NMR, MS, IR, m.p., optical rotation, HPLC purity)


Primary Contact:


Dr. John Feltenberger

Assistant Director

Phone: 608-263-2644

Fax: 608-262-5345