American Family Children's Hospital


The SMSF has migrated to a new scheduling system called iLab as of Monday, October 19, 2015. If you did not receive an email with detailed instructions for activating your account in iLab and how to reserve equipment, please go to to register.


If you have questions or problems with this new system, please contact Gene Ananiev or Michael Hoffmann. All appointments for equipment usage or project discussions with SMSF staff should be made on iLab.


The Small Molecule Screening Facility (SMSF) has specialized equipment dedicated to drug discovery. Scientists from UW-Madison, other universities or private companies may receive training on some pieces of the shared equipment and then use the online appointment system to schedule “walk-up” use.



HTS and Profiling Assay Equipment

Training and Scheduled Walk-up Use Available ($60/hour; minimum time 15 minutes) 

Liquid Handling (available in Biosafety Cabinet if sterile transfers needed)

  • Beckman Biomek 2000 eight-channel liquid handler 
  • Benchtop Pipetter 96 and Benchtop Pipetter 96-low volume
  • Biotek Microflo peristaltic reagent dispensers
  • Biotek ELx405 96-pin plate washer
  • Thermo Scientific Hydra 96-channel liquid handler

Plate Readers and Scanners

  • BMG Pherastar Multimode plate reader
  • LI-COR Odyssey imaging system (scanner)
  • PerkinElmer Enspire plate reader for AlphaScreen
  • BMG Clariostar plate reader
  • Wallac/PE 1420 VICTOR3 V plate reader

Walk-up Use Not Available

  • Beckman fX Liquid Handling (96 and 384)
  • Beckman 96-channel Multimek liquid handler
  • EVOS® FL Auto Cell Imaging System


  • Dell T5500 molecular graphics computer (Intel dual quad Xeon 2.93GHz, Nvidia FX 4800 graphics)
  • Dell 3950 server (Intel dual quad Xeon 2.93GHz)
  • Dell T5500 molecular graphics computer (Intel dual quad, Nvidia FX 4800 graphics)
  • Sybyl molecular-modeling software, Surflex and Autodock4 molecular docking package, EPOS docking pocket identifier, FlexX, Grid docking, Pymol and ADT visualization software