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UW Health SMPH
American Family Children's Hospital


The Small Molecule Screening Facility (SMSF) has specialized equipment dedicated to drug discovery. Scientists from UW-Madison, other universities or private companies may receive training on some pieces of the shared equipment and then use the online appointment system to schedule “walk-up” use.


HTS and Profiling Assay Equipment

Training and Scheduled Walk-up Use Available ($60/hour; minimum time 15 minutes) 

Liquid Handling (available in Biosafety Cabinet if sterile transfers needed)

  • Beckman Biomek 2000 eight-channel liquid handler 
  • Benchtop Pipetter 96 and Benchtop Pipetter 96-low volume
  • Biotek Microflo peristaltic reagent dispensers
  • Biotek ELx405 96-pin plate washer
  • Thermo Scientific Hydra 96-channel liquid handler

Plate Readers and Scanners

  • BMG Pherastar Multimode plate reader
  • LI-COR Odyssey imaging system (scanner)
  • PerkinElmer Enspire plate reader for AlphaScreen
  • BMG Clariostar plate reader
  • Wallac/PE 1420 VICTOR3 V plate reader

Walk-up Use Not Available

  • Beckman fX Liquid Handling (96 and 384)
  • Beckman 96-channel Multimek liquid handler
  • EVOS® FL Auto Cell Imaging System


  • Dell T5500 molecular graphics computer (Intel dual quad Xeon 2.93GHz, Nvidia FX 4800 graphics)
  • Dell 3950 server (Intel dual quad Xeon 2.93GHz)
  • Dell T5500 molecular graphics computer (Intel dual quad, Nvidia FX 4800 graphics)
  • Sybyl molecular-modeling software, Surflex and Autodock4 molecular docking package, EPOS docking pocket identifier, FlexX, Grid docking, Pymol and ADT visualization software