American Family Children's Hospital

Using the Facility

The steps below outline the general workflow for using the Small Animal Imaging Facility. 


  1. Consultation and Study Design
    • Request consultation: Contact Justin Jeffery, or initiate a request using the Request Services page in iLab
    • Discuss logistics with SAIF staff: animal protocols, housing, injection techniques, number of animals, time points, resolution, tissue collection, contrast agents and modalities
    • For full-service imaging studies, scheduling can occur any time after initial consultation. Contact Justin Jeffery for full-service scheduling
  2. Animal Protocols and Housing
    • Complete the animal transfer form one week prior to imaging. Transfer to SAIF Umbrella Imaging Protocol (M005532; PI: Jamey Weichert; Rm: WIMR, B1334C). If needed, PIs can amend their protocol to include imaging procedures, SAIF staff and room numbers
    • After approval, physically transport animals to B1334C housing
    • More information about animal housing in the SAIF
  3. Facility Access (only required for self-service)
    • General lab training (~30min session): Animal housing, PPE, radioactive and biohazard handling and disposal, etc. Additional equipment training is available upon request. Contact Justin Jeffery to schedule training
    • Send Justin Jeffery your full name and 6-digit number on back of WisCard to obtain lab access

  4. Scheduling
  5. Imaging/Data Acquisition
    • Self-service (trained by SAIF staff) or Full-service equipment:
      • Optical (fluorescence, bioluminescence, or near-infrared) imaging using IVIS or Fluobeam
      • High-resolution ex vivo CT scanning using microCATII
      • Hematology system
    • Full-service equipment (operated by SAIF staff)
      • PET or PET/CT imaging using Inveon
      • Ultrasound/Photoacoustic imaging
    • More information about SAIF data acquisition
  6. Data Storage and Analysis
  7. Manuscript and Presentation Preparation
    • All work must acknowledge the University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center Support Grant P30 CA014520 in manuscripts and/or presentations
    • SAIF can assist preparing images and videos, writing methods, as well as proposals/grant applications free of charge. 

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