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Contrast Agent Development


Our investigators are well known in the development of cell-selective contrast and imaging agents useful for CT, MRI, nuclear medicine and optical scanning.


Images from our small animal imaging lab have been included on the preclinical molecular imaging websites of both GE Healthcare and Siemens, the two major producers of microCT, microPET and hybrid scanners. Moreover, two agents developed in our labs, Fenestra™ VC and LC, are now commercially available to the world-wide research community from Advanced Research Technologies (ART, Montreal).


In order to preserve the pathological integrity of the current animal facilities, investigators are required to transfer their animals to one of our general microimaging protocols prior to transferring them to our facility. Once they arrive for scanning they remain in our holding area until the end of the experiment whereupon they are euthanized or placed into a quarantine room.


Under no circumstances are the animals allowed to leave our facility for placement back into their original specific pathogen free housing area. We have invested in the latest passively ventilated rodent cage systems in order to ensure healthy maintenance of the animals. Animals are allowed to be housed in our facility for long periods of time as required for longitudinal studies. 


PET CT image

PET-CT image
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