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UW Health SMPH
American Family Children's Hospital


Services of the Pharmaceutical Research Center (PRC) are continually refined and expanded to meet the evolving needs of the UW Carbone Cancer Center (UWCCC) clinical research. While the PRC program supports all investigators conducting clinical drug research, its relationship with the UWCCC is unique in its level of commitment, the breadth and depth of services provided and expertise in handling biohazardous and gene therapy products.

The PRC provides detailed protocol review and feasibility assessment within the confines of an academic medical center. It ensures full compliance with federal, state, sponsor and institutional requirements through activities such as:

  • Establishment of drug handling / distribution / preparation / destruction procedures
  • Creation of investigational drug monographs for health care providers
  • Education of health care staff regarding protocol procedures
  • Creation of preprinted physician orders and prescriptions
  • Drug inventory management and accountability
  • Drug preparation and/or oversight
  • Quality assurance audits 
  • Protocol amendment management

It operates satellite pharmacy locations, optimizing the ability to extend clinical research into the community.