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UW Health SMPH
American Family Children's Hospital

Charges / Bill Pay

You are responsible for informing us of a grant number change. Please keep your billing information current in the on-line scheduling system.


Billing is performed once a month. Grants are billed directly. Please contact the Flow Lab staff for information on obtaining your lab's billing information and charges. 


External (corporate) charges will be invoiced periodically when necessary.


Online Bill Pay

You can now pay by credit card using our Online Bill Pay option.


Hourly Rates


UW Rates*



Calibur Asst


Calibur Self


MACSQuant10 Staff/Asst


MACSQuant10 Self


LSR Staff/Asst


LSR Self


Cell Sorting (Staff Only) 


Sort Aria Self


Pathway Staff/Asst


Pathway Self




Olympus Microscope


Sample Prep





Per Usage Fees


Service UW Rates*

Lecture Series



 $1 per slide / cell count


* UWCCC Members receive subsidized rates. Users outside of the UW should inquire for pricing.

† Cellometer allows real-time viability assessment (using Trypan Blue) and cell counts.