American Family Children's Hospital

Using the Facility

Processor: VIP E 150 Tissue Tek ProcessorHistology services provided by the Experimental Pathology Laboratory are provided by two highly experienced histotechnologists and two undergraduate students who have been trained by the histotechnologists.


Guidelines for submission

Please read the Guidelines for Specimen Submission and the Guidelines for Frozen Tissue Submission documents. These documents discuss histology request slips, biosafety issues, containers, collecting and fixing tissues, bone decalcification, cassette numbering and processing support of small and/or fragile tissues.


Bring specimens to:


UWCCC Histology Lab

WIMR 4018

CyroStat: Tissue Tek Cryo 3/5800

1111 Highland Ave.

Madison, WI 53705-2275

Facility phone number: 262-1836
Hours: 8:00-3:30


Print and fill out: 

Bring the completed forms with your your specimens to our lab. (Forms are available at the lab as well.) 





Tissue Embedder: TEC 5 Embedding Console System

To arrange for a histopathology consultation:

Contact Dr. Ruth Sullivan directly.

Consultation costs are included in the rates for the production of slides.

Turn around time:

There is a maximum period of 21 working days or about 4 calendar weeks for completing any requested work.

Descriptions and diagnoses of individual lesions, etc., will be made available to the investigator within 14 working days or approximately 3 calendar weeks.