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Program note: The Experimental Pathology Lab (EPL) will be migrating to a new calendar scheduling and billing system called iLab on Tuesday, November 1, 2016.

The Experimental Pathology Laboratory (EPL) provides a broad array of high quality histology services to UW Carbone Cancer Center (UWCCC) members, non-members and non-UW researchers. The laboratory was developed from the original Histotechnology Laboratory which has provided histopathologic services to investigators at the McArdle Laboratory since 1963, the year it was founded by the Director, Harold P. Rusch, MD and Henry C. Pitot, MD, PhD. In 2009, Ruth Sullivan VMD, PhD, became the Director and has been providing consulting comparative pathology services for over six years. Recently, Richard Halberg, PhD was appointed Director of the EPL. Dr Sullivan will continue to provide consultation services. Experimental Pathology performs histology services in their lab located on the fourth floor of the WIMR building. 


Histology services

  • Preparation of histologic sections from both paraffin-embedded and frozen tissue, including serial sections
  • Block preparations of cell pellets and embryoid bodies
  • Wide variety of routine and specialized histotechnology methods
  • H&E
  • Enzyme histochemistry
  • Immunohistochemistry
  • Special stains
  • Slide preparation for in situ hybridization, LCM, and audioradiography
  • Pathology consultation

Tutorial/Discussion Groups
Experimental Pathology offers one hour tutorial/discussion groups to provide histology support to researchers on campus.


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Any published research which received funding from the UWCCC Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG), including the use of UWCCC Shared Resources to generate or analyze data or conduct clinical trials, must reference the UWCCC. See Acknowledging UWCCC in Publications, Posters and Presentations.    


Contact Information

Faculty Leader
Richard Halberg


Consultation Services
Ruth Sullivan


Facility Staff
Joseph Hardin (Rm 4012)
Ella Ward-Shaw (Rm 4018)
Thomas Pier (Rm 4018)

UWCCC Histology Lab
Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research (WIMR)
Office: Room 4003
Lab: Room 4018
1111 Highland Ave
Madison, WI 53705-2275
(608) 262-1836
Open Hours: 8:00-4:30pm
Consultation Hours 9-11am & 2-3pm

Drop Off Location
UWCCC Histology Lab
Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research (WIMR)

Customer Feedback
The Experimental Pathology Shared Resource would like to get your feedback regarding the services your received. Provide Feedback