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The mission of the Cancer Informatics Shared Resource (CISR) is to promote high quality, innovative cancer research by providing members of UW Carbone Cancer Center (UWCCC) with modern and efficient informatics, including advancements in bioinformatics, clinical informatics, image analysis and computational science. The CISR continues to advance in its essential role to contribute to all UWCCC Scientific Programs by providing information technology and biomedical informatics resources that address the specific needs of UWCCC members in a cost-effective manner.


To accomplish this, the CISR offers technological resources and services to members including an informatics infrastructure for collecting, storing, analyzing and sharing of data; support for systems integration; and the development of specialized tools and/or the implementation of third-party tools. In addition, the CISR offers intellectual resources and services by providing members access to a wide range of skills and expertise in biomedical informatics to improve data collection, interpreting research data sets using existing analysis methods and technologies and developing new methodology when needed.


Learn more about the Cancer Informatics' Scientific Accomplishments.


Any published research which received funding from the UWCCC Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG), including the use of UWCCC Shared Resources to generate or analyze data or conduct clinical trials, must reference the UWCCC. See Acknowledging UWCCC in Publications, Posters and Presentations.



Faculty Leader
C. David Page 
(608) 265-6168

Facility Manager
Irene Ong