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Charges / Bill Pay

The Cancer Pharmacology Core charges users for their services and equipment/lab usage. Fees are effective July 1, 2012 and are subject to change.


Online Bill Pay

You can now pay by credit card using our Online Bill Pay option.





UW Rates*

Clinical Trial Activation (per study)


Clinical Trial Maintenance (annually after year 1)


Equipment Maintenance Fee (per study)


Consultation and PK modeling


Sample pick-up and processing-Complex (per time point)


Sample pick-up and processing-Simple (per time point)


Assay validation-Complex‡


Assay validation-Simple‡


HPLC or LC/MS/MS sample analysis‡




ELISA, Methylation, RT-PCR or Genotyping per run (40 samples)‡


KRAS genotyping (CLIA)‡



* UWCCC Members receive subsidized rates. Users outside of the UW should inquire for pricing.


† Complex procedures exceeding the anticipated hours (e.g. Ficoll gradient) will be budgeted based on estimated time to complete.


‡ For all assays, supplies are billed at cost. 


Activation and maintenance fees

The activation and maintenance fees are used for Protocol-specific training, computer and Freezerworks database support, equipment maintenance, quality assurance audits, office supplies, dry ice, and on-site meeting attendance associated with the study review, budgeting, activation and maintenance by 3P lab personnel.


Consumable supplies
All consumable supplies not provided will be charged at actual cost.   


In all cases the Sponsor or research group must pay shipping charges.  Groups using 3P under a Fee for Service Agreement will negotiate shipping charges on a case-by-case basis.



Equipment/Lab User Fees for 3P Lab (K4/513, K6/571)

User Fees (per lab)
$400/year *
* UWCCC Members receive subsidized rates. Users outside of the UW should inquire for pricing.

A separate per sample charge of $2.00/sample will be charged for the ViCell to pay for consumables.

A separate per sample charge of $2.00/sample will be charged go cover PyroMarkTM Gold and dNTPs reagents, or you can supply your own reagents.


A separate charge of $15 per use will be applied when using the Bio-Plex calibration and validation kits available through 3P.  Contact the Lab Manager for more information. 

Instruments included in annual fee:


K4/513 K6/571
Spectromax M3
Analytical balance
pH meter
Amaxa Nucleofector
ViCell (+ per sample charge for consumables)

Bio-Rad Bio-Plex (+ per sample charge for consumables)




Please note that the User Fee will cover access to all laboratory equipment with exception of HPLC and LCMS. A separate fee of $150/month will be charged for usage of each of these pieces of equipment.