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UW Health SMPH
American Family Children's Hospital


Consulting on the planning and experimental design of studies

  • Advice on appropriate experimental design,
  • Problem definition and statistical methodology,
  • Definition of study endpoints,
  • Sample size requirements,
  • Definition of data items required,
  • Determination of randomization and stratification.

      If necessary and for clinical and population-based studies:

  • Selection of study subjects and appropriate control groups,
  • Recruitment strategies,
  • Availability of data from related studies,
  • Design of case report forms.

Assisting in the conduct of studies

  • Monitoring of studies,
  • Data management or electronic transfer of data from other related studies,
  • Development of systems for quality control, progress reports, and presentation of interim analyses.

Analyzing completed studies

  • Determination of appropriate statistical methodology,
  • Production of final study reports including graphs and tables or other summaries suitable for presentation and publication,
  • Interpretation of statistical results, appropriate documentation and relevant literature.