American Family Children's Hospital


Annotated Biospecimens


TSB StaffFlash frozen, cryopreserved, and OCT embedded biospecimens


Biospecimen Informatics


Chart review for PRMC and IRB approved protocols




H&E Staining


Customized Biospecimen Acquisition


For PRMC and IRB-approved protocols


Pathology Slide Review

  • H&E stained slide interpretation
  • Interpret IHC slides in conjunction with H&E
  • Evaluate IHC staining for antibody optimization (per antibody) 


Nucleic Acid Analysis (Bioanalyzer)


The Bioanalyzer is a chip-based capillary electrophoresis machine to analyze RNA and DNA. Used as a quality control mechanism prior to downstream experiments.


Tissue Microarrays (TMA) in cooperation with the Translational Research Initiatives in Pathology (TRIP) lab

Contact TSB BioBank for current inventory, distribution or questions.


Equipment Rental

Email the Biobank to reserve the Cryostat.