American Family Children's Hospital

Biospecimen Request with IRB approval


Follow these instructions if you are requesting biospecimen samples that require clinical information beyond tissue type and diagnosis, and IRB approval has already been obtained.

  1. Submit the Inventory Inquiry Form which will be sent to the TSB BioBank Facility Manager to ensure there are sufficient banked specimens available for the proposed project.

  2. The TSB BioBank Facility Manager will inform you if there are sufficient banked specimens available. If specimens are available, the TSB BioBank Facility Manager will request a copy of your IRB approved protocol. The Disease Specific Advisory Sub-Committees and the TSB BioBank Faculty Leader then review the IRB approved protocol to assess the protocol's biological material request and review the prioritization of specimens.

  3. The TSB BioBank Facility Manager will inform the investigator of the committee's response within 2 weeks.

  4. Once notified, please submit the Formal Biospecimen Request Form

  5. Biospecimen disbursement will usually occur within two weeks of receiving the Formal Biospecimen Request Form and approved IRB protocol.