American Family Children's Hospital

Using the Facility

Instruments in the 3P Lab are available for use by UW Carbone Cancer Center (UWCCC) and non-UWCCC laboratories for an annual user fee (per lab).


First time users: Please call the 3P Lab (263-5369) to set up a training session.


To use the 3P Lab:

1.  Complete the Annual 3P Lab User Form

2.  The 3P Lab will assign usernames and passwords and provide training on the equipment.


3.  Go to the WiscCal Web Client to reserve the equipment. You will be prompted to enter your netID and password.


4.  Click on the Calendar tab on the bottom left.




5. Click on the down arrow next to the Calendar icon and select Subscribe to Calendar. Press enter. If you have already subscribed to the instrument's calendar, go to step 8.




6. Type in 'lab' in the Find: box. The system will look for lab calendars.




7.  Highlight Anne C Luebke.  All the instruments will appear on the right.  Select the instrument(s) that you want to use and click the Subscribe button on the lower right corner. These will now be listed under your Subscribed Calendars. You may need to click on the down arrow to the left of Subscribed Calendars to see all the instruments. 





8. Highlight the instrument under Subscribed Calendars and choose a time that you want to use the instrument. A pop-up will appear. In the Event field, type in your Name, Phone and the PI's last name. Then click on Create Event.  

Note: Ensure that the color of the calendar cooresponds to the color of the instrument.