American Family Children's Hospital

Data Collection

Data management services are provided based on the scope of the project and researcher's needs.


Subject Identification and Contact
Survey Research Shared Resource (SRSR) staff can perform subject identification and recruitment using several methods. In many instances, collaborators will provide the SRSR with a specific list of research subjects to be interviewed (e.g., patient lists or subjects enrolled in a particular trial). In these situations, the SRSR is typically asked to interview all eligible subjects on the list.


Sampling of subjects is a frequent requirement in many studies. Our staff has the capability to generate random samples; systematic random samples or stratified random samples from sample lists or sample frames provided by the investigator.  

Project Management Services
SRSR consistently uses and updates its state-of-the-art data collection methods to ensure that studies have the highest quality data possible. Once the project preparation has been completed, SRSR takes care of all the day-to-day administration of the surveys including: 

  • Mailing surveys, tracking responses, and conducting telephone follow-up
  • Tracking incentives
  • Programming Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviews
  • Assigning and completing telephone interviews
  • Completing in-person interviews
  • Medical record abstraction
  • Managing the incoming data through use of customized screens
  • Collecting and tracking biologic specimen from study participants
  • Producing individualized reports on participation proportion, number of participants in queue, response status, etc.

Project costs are calculated at an hourly rate. Data collection services are charged to UW Carbone Cancer Center (UWCCC) members at a subsidized rate.

Direct costs are passed on to the researcher for services, such as printing surveys, which the SRSR out-sources to UW Printing Services.

The SRSR has developed a strong collegial partnership with the University of Wisconsin Survey Center (UWSC) that has produced great benefits for UWCCC members engaged in cancer survey research. Small projects can be customized and completed more economically by the SRSR, whereas large projects can take advantage of the resources available within the UWSC. For large projects, SRSR creates a seamless transition between SRSR project development services to UWSC data collection services.


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