American Family Children's Hospital



photo of iPad

The Survey Research Shared Resource now has iPads for use in conducing fast and easy surveys. Tablets combined with Qualtrics websurvey software enable you to collect information easily, skip time-consuming and expensive data entry and have access to preliminary data sets for quality control or analysis planning at any point during the project. iPads and Qualtrics can be used anywhere a wireless internet connection is available. If your project needs to use iPads outside of wireless range, there are other options that will allow synching new data with a central database.


The iPad has a generous screen about the size of a sheet of paper and operates for 8 hours between battery charges. We can adjust font size and customize color schemes to fit the needs of your project. We have tested the iPads with a range of respondents of different ages, backgrounds and health histories. It takes less than five minutes to acclimate new users to the interface. The feedback has been enthusiastic and positive. Finally, all surveys designed for iPads can also be completed on any computer if a respondent prefers to use a more familiar interface.


If you are interested in discussing research design options or want to see what the iPad can bring to your project, please contact the C-POD Facility Manager