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UWCCC Pilot Program Past Awardees

Spring 2013 UWCCC Awardees


PI: Fotis Asimakopoulos, MD, PhD
Co-PI: Paul Sondel, MD, PhD & Natalie Callander, MD
Targeting Reprogramming of Macrophage Polarization in Myeloma
PI: Doug McNeel, MD, PhD
Co-PI: Brian Olson, PhD
Combinatorial Pharmacological and Immunological Therapies Targeting the Androgen Receptor
PI: J. Scott Ferguson, MD
Co-Investigators: Joshua Lang, MD & David Beebe, PhD
Understanding Lung Cancer Cell and Lung Stromal Cell Heterogeneity Using Microfluidics and
Human Bronchoalveolar Lavage Cells
PI: Sam Lubner, MD
Co-Investigators: Joshua Lang, MD and Dustin Deming, MD
Genomic Analysis of Circulating Biomarkers in Pancreas and Prostate Cancers:
Accessing Tumors for Personalized Medicine
PI: Jennifer Weiss, MD MS
Co-Investigators: Menggang Yu, PhD & Sally Kraft, MD MPH
Understanding Primary Care Provider and Clinic Uptake of Interventions to Improve
Colorectal Cancer Screening Rates


Fall 2012 UWCCC Awardees


PI: Lisa Colbert, PhD, MPH
Co-Investigators: Toby Campbell, MD & Ron Gangnon, PhD
Exercise Effects on Biomarkers of Prognosis in Lung Cancer Patients

PI: John Denu, PhD
Co-Investigator: Peiman Hematti, MD
The Role of SIRT3 in B Cell Malignancies


PI: Gopal Iyer, PhD
Co-Investigator: Paul Harari, MD
Advancing Novel Anti-EGFR Antibodies in Drug Resistant Head and Neck Cancer


PI: Elizabeth Jacobs, MD, MPP
Co-Investigator: Maichou Lor, MS, RN; Consultant: Barb Bowers, MSN, RN, FAAN
Enhancing Preventive Cancer Screening to Limited English Proficient Patients


PI: Randy Kimple, MD
Co-PI: Bryan Bednarz, PhD
Autophagy in the Tumor Microenvironment: A Potential Target for Radiation Sensitization


PI: Janet Mertz, PhD
Co-Investigator: Andreas Friedl, MD; Consultants: Wei Xu, PhD & Norman Drinkwater, PhD
Identification of ERRα- and NOP1-Specific Antibodies for use in Retrospective Study of Endocrine Therapy-
Resistant Breast Cancer


PI: Deane Mosher, MD
Co-Investigators: Josh Coon, PhD & Sameer Mathur, MD, PhD
Phosphoproteomics of Eosinophil Activation: the First 30 Minutes


Spring 2012 UWCCC Awardees


PI: Paul Campagnola, PhD
Co-Investigator: Steven Rose, MD
Translational Implications of High Resolution Microscopy Imaging Of Collagen Alterations in the Tumor
Microenvironment in Human Ovarian Cancer


PI: Christian Capitini, MD
Co-PIs: Bryan Bednarz, PhD and Sean Fain, PhD
Monitoring of 19F-Labeled NK Cell Trafficking for Cancer Immunotherapy Using MRI


PIs: David Jarrard, MD & Michael Hoffmann, PhD
Co-Investigator: Jens Eickhoff, PhD
Discovering Chemical Probes for Therapy-Induced Senescence (TIS)


PIs: Kevin Kozak, MD, PhD and William Rehrauer, PhD
Co-Investigator: Anne Traynor, MD
Whole Exome Sequencing of Angiosarcoma and Non-small Cell Lung Cancer – A Pilot Study


PI: Manish Patankar, PhD
Co-Investigators: Michael Newton, PhD and Ellen Hartenbach, MD
Mining the Immune Cell Transcriptome to Identify Biomarkers for Ovarian Cancer


PI: Kari Wisinski, MD
Co-Investigators: Jill Kolesar, PharmD, William Schelman, MD, PhD, Anne Traynor, MD, and Jens
Eickhoff, PhD
A Pilot Study Evaluating Pharmacokinetic Parameters of Capecitabine Dosing in Patients with Advanced
Cancer and Elevated Body Mass Index