American Family Children's Hospital

The Office of Translational Research Services (OTRS) at the UW Carbone Cancer Center provides administrative support and services at the interface of basic and clinical research focusing on the promotion of collaborative, interdisciplinary translational research.


Please contact OTRS at if you are interested in learning more or seeking support for any of the following services:

  1. Gateway for basic, translational, and clinical collaborations with industry
  2. Administrative support for the planning, coordination and implementation of interdisciplinary scientific seminars, meetings, and retreats
  3. Identify and connect researchers to resources
  4. Support for large multi-investigator translational grant applications (SPOREs, R01)
  5. Administrative support, guidance, and tracking of executed research property protection /agreements
    • Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs)
    • Confidential Disclosure Agreements (CDAs)
    • Invention disclosures / connections with WARF
  6. UW Health Sciences Institutional Review Board (HS-IRB) regulatory support and guidance
    • Support for basic science/translational projects for IRB applications that fall under the exempt category of “not research” or “research not involving human subjects”
  7. Administrative support for the UWCCC Consultation Panel
    • Coordinate a panel of expert consultants to help identify, prioritize and guide for the selection of translational research proposals that demonstrate promising drug development
    • Manage selection and award process
  8. Administrative support and management of UWCCC Investigational New Drugs (INDs) and Investigational Device Exemptions (IDEs)
  9. Administrative support for disease-specific research advisory networks
    • Planning and implementation of meetings
    • Support for advocate training, writing biosketches
    • Managing the ongoing plans/interactions between advocates and researchers
    • Tracking utilization of advocates on grants
    • Current research advisory networks: Breast Cancer Research Advisory Network
  10. Provide support for and assist with oversight of the UWCCC Shared Resources (SR)
    • Planning and implementation of SR quarterly meetings
    • Scheduling and tracking SR’s advisory board meetings
    • Facilitating Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG) reports, instrument grants, marketing/outreach activities
  11. Support for UWCCC WIMR-CSC Operations
    • Coordination of UWCCC WIMR-CSC Ops meetings
    • Guidance on Safety and Continuity of Operations Preparedness (COOP) plan