American Family Children's Hospital

The mission of the UW Carbone Cancer Center (UWCCC) Imaging and Radiation Sciences (IR) Scientific Program is to integrate physical and biological sciences with clinical research and clinical practice by developing novel imaging agents, imaging and therapeutic technologies, and radiobiologically and molecularly targeted approaches to improve cancer diagnosis and therapy.


Program Leaders

Mark Ritter, MD, PhDRobert Jeraj, PhD


At UWCCC, the translation of laboratory discovery to clinical and population application is facilitated by multidisciplinary Disease Oriented Teams (DOTs).  The Translational Imaging Research Working Group (TIRWG) provides cancer-specific imaging expertise, consultation and support services for UWCCC clinical/translational investigators, laboratory-based researchers and sponsors.


TIRWG, led by Robert Jeraj, PhD, has a full complement of experienced research faculty with specific expertise in all imaging modalities (CT, MRI, PET/CT, US, IR) who help investigators navigate the translational process to ensure imaging research activities are focused and connected and that complex research objectives are efficiently achieved.


While many members are from the IR Program, TIRWG also includes members from all other Scientific Programs, particularly Experimental Therapeutics, who share interest in approaching problems concurrently from the clinical and imaging perspective and using both primary clinical and imaging endpoints in clinical trials.