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PAR-13-358 Opportunities for Collaborative Research at the NIH Clinical Center (U01)

PAR-13-358 Opportunities for Collaborative Research at the NIH Clinical Center (U01) 


This grant program will provide access for external researchers to the NIH Clinical Center and will leverage the diverse Clinical Center resources, expertise, and infrastructure available to test promising laboratory- and animal-based discoveries with potential implications for disease diagnosis, treatment and prevention. The NIH Clinical Center is a hospital exclusively dedicated to clinical research, thus research is the culture and research studies are routine. Its mission includes the support of clinical studies that are considered intellectually challenging and risky but with the potential of high reward with new breakthroughs in medicine. The special environment of the Clinical Center supports studies that may not be readily supported elsewhere. Examples include a host of special resources, such as: 

  • A good manufacturing practices (GMP) pharmacy facility for new biological or clinical products;
  • Specialized clinical phenotyping facilities (including a metabolic and other units);
  • The manufacturing and use of newly designed PET ligands for imaging studies;
  • The availability of blood products for special research studies;
  • Collaborative opportunities on clinical protocols on unique pharmaceutical agents and/or other modes of therapy, or extraordinarily rare diseases with investigators who are known experts;
  • A robust training curriculum in clinical research;
  • The ability to support long-term clinical studies at minimal cost to patients and their families.
  • On-campus amenities (e.g., Family Lodge and Children’s Inn) to assist patients and families in supportive, home-like environments as they leave their own homes to participate in clinical research; and
  • A number of other resources. 

For entry to the program, projects must have a collaborating Investigator in the NIH Intramural Program.  As a collaborative partner, the intramural investigator will be actively involved in the planning and execution of the research project.


NCI Specific Areas of Interest:  The National Cancer Institute (NCI) invites applications in research areas relevant to the Institute’s mission, which is to provide global leadership for research, training, health information dissemination, and other programs with respect to the cause, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer, rehabilitation from cancer, and the continuing care of cancer patients and the families of cancer patients.  The NCI encourages bench-to-bedside research to: increase understanding of the molecular and physiological basis of health and disease; stimulate clinical discoveries about the mechanisms underlying disease to develop improved prevention, diagnosis, and treatment; enable the translation of basic discoveries into clinical practice for the benefit of personal and public health; foster training and mentoring of emerging scientists and physicians; and communicate research advances to the public.  The NCI Vision and Priorities are found at


Letter of Intent Due Date: 30 days before the due date. Applicants are encouraged to submit an X02 pre-application, as described in the companion FOA (PAR-13-357).  Applicants who submit an X02 pre-application should not submit a Letter of Intent.

Application Receipt Dates: March 20, 2014, March 20, 2015