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The standard of care for cancer patients at the UW Carbone Cancer Center (UWCCC) optimally involves a multidisciplinary team approach. The translation of laboratory discovery to clinical application is facilitated by multidisciplinary Disease Oriented Working Groups (DOWGs) and Clinical Research Groups (CRGs). DOWGs/CRGs are embedded in specific UWCCC Scientific Programs and provide a multidisciplinary translational infrastructure which fosters inter- and intra-programmatic interactions that address programmatic goals and also disease specific interests. Each DOWG/CRG has a designated leader and participants include UWCCC Scientific Program members, research staff and other UW faculty.

The DOWGs/CRGs meet regularly and interested laboratory research faculty are encouraged to actively participate. In this manner, the multidisciplinary patient care activities and their associated clinical trials research are integrated into the Scientific Programs in several meaningful and functional ways through UWCCC faculty participation and UWCCC administrative support.


The DOWGs/CRGs review and prioritize their respective clinical research activity and provide ongoing planning for new investigator-initiated studies. Proposed studies must have the support of the DOWG/CRG prior to submission to the Protocol Review and Monitoring Committee (PRMC). 

Contact the DOWG/CRG leader or program manager for more information.


(Scientific Program)
Leader(s) Program Manager(s)
Brain and CNS (XT) Dr. John Kuo Diana Trask
Breast and Melanoma (XT)

Dr. Mark Albertini

Dr. Mark Burkard
Dr. Lee G. Wilke

Tammy Koehn
Chemoprevention (CP) Dr. Howard Bailey Jaime Bauman
Gastrointestinal Cancers (XT)

Dr. Clifford Cho
Dr. Noelle LoConte

Genitourinary Cancers (XT) Dr. Glenn Liu Mary Jane Staab
Gynecological Cancers (XT) Dr. Lisa Barroilhet TBA
Head and Neck (XT) Dr. Paul Harari
Heather Geye
Hematologic Malignancies (XT) Dr. Mark Juckett Erica Barnstable
Thoracic (XT) Dr. Ticiana Leal Elise McCarthy
'OMA (XT) Dr. Natalie Callander Heather Neils
Palliative Medicine (CC)

Dr. James Cleary

Dr. Kris Kwekkeboom

Renae Quale
Pediatric Oncology (XT) Dr. Kenneth De Santes Jenny Weiland
Cancer Therapy Discovery and Development (XT)

Dr. Glenn Liu

Jennifer Heideman

Radiotherapy  (XT) Dr. Paul Harari  Diana Trask
Translational Imaging Research Working Group (IR)   Dr. Robert Jeraj  OTRS Office


Scientific Programs

CC: Cancer Control 

CP: Chemoprevention

IR:  Imaging and Radiation Sciences

XT: Experimental Therapeutics