American Family Children's Hospital

The mission of the UW Carbone Cancer Center (UWCCC) Developmental Therapeutics (DT) Scientific Program is to discover new targets and therapeutic agents, translate and advance these discoveries through clinical trials and use information and resources from these clinical trials to understand mechanisms of response and resistance that will inform DT members of potentially superior therapeutic approaches.


Program Leaders

Glenn Liu, MD Shigeki Miyamoto, PhDJing Zhang, PhD


The DT Program members conduct their clinical research utilizing the multidisciplinary, translational infrastructure of Disease-Oriented Teams (DOTs) which are embedded within the Program.


DOTs consist of teams of clinicians (medical oncologists, cancer surgeons, radiation oncologists, medical specialists and pathologists), translational researchers, laboratory scientists, clinical trialists, biostatisticians and clinical/regulatory research staff with expertise in specific cancer types or specific research areas. DOTs are the primary structures by which we accomplish advancing promising agents from early phase clinical trials through later stage clinical trials, and each DOT is essentially a functional clinical research unit with disease-specific cancer expertise.   


While many members of each DOT are members of the DT Program, the make-up of the DOTs also includes members from all other UWCCC Scientific Programs. Therefore the structure of the DOTs greatly facilitates inter-programmatic collaboration and interaction among different Programs along clinical disease lines. By sharing developments in the laboratory and clinical worlds, ongoing collaborations are strengthened, new hypotheses are generated and better studies are designed.