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The UW Carbone Cancer Center (UWCCC) is based on the UW-Madison health sciences campus. The director's office is located in the Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research building at:

UWCCC, Office of the Director
1111 Highland Ave Room 7057
Madison, WI 53705
Phone: 608-263-8610

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UWCCC Administration and Clinical Research Coordinating Offices are located in the Clinical Science Center (UW Hospital and Clinics) at:

UW Hospital and Clinics
600 Highland Ave
Madison, WI 53792
Phone: 608-261-1515

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Selected UWCCC Numbers:  
UWCCC General Offices (608) 263-8600
UWCCC General Office Fax (608) 263-8613
Cancer Connect - Patient and Physician Resource (608) 262-5223
Howard Bailey, UWCCC Director (608) 263-8090
Peter Connor, Associate Director, Administration (608) 263-0184 
Paul Harari, Associate Director, Multidisciplinary, Translational Research (608) 262-5617
Ruth O'Regan, Associate Director, Faculty Development and Education (608) 265-9701
James Shull, Associate Director, Laboratory Research (608) 265-5003
Maureen Smith, Associate Director, Population Science (608) 262-4802
Umberto Tachinardi, Associate Director, Informatics (608) 263-6171
Daniel Mulkerin, Medical Director, Oncology Services (608) 262-9653
Sharon Weber, Medical Director, Surgical Oncology (608) 262-8261
Anne Traynor, Faculty Director, Clinical Research Office (608) 262-5092
Dona Alberti Assistant Director, Translational Research  (608) 265-9770
Jonathan Boott, Assistant Director, Informatics (608) 265-8519
Dawn Church, Assistant Director, Basic Sciences (608) 265-4912
Meredith Luschen, Assistant Director, Finance and Strategic Operations (608) 265-1997
Katie Wulff, Assistant Director, Clinical Research (608) 263-7898
Kelly Sitkin, Development Director (608) 263-1677
Amanda Espinosa, Pre-Award Grants Specialist (608) 262-5305
Shari Piaskowski, Pre-Award Grants Specialist (608) 263-5363
Sue Hook, Human Resources (608) 265-2219
Colleen Nash, Human Resources (608) 265-2528