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UW Carbone Cancer Center members total over 300 members from 45 departments and 11 schools.  

Member Directory

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Robert F. Kalejta Human Cancer Virology
Weiyuan John Kao Experimental Therapeutics
James L. Keck Cell Signaling
Patricia J. Keely Tumor Microenvironment
Sunduz Keles Cancer Genetics
Christina M. Kendziorski Cancer Genetics
Vaishalee P. Kenkre Experimental Therapeutics
Shannon C. Kenney Human Cancer Virology
Laura L. Kiessling Tumor Microenvironment
David H. Kim Imaging and Radiation Sciences
Kyung Mann Kim Chemoprevention
Randall J. Kimple Imaging and Radiation Sciences
Michael W. Kissick Imaging and Radiation Sciences
Bruce S. Klein Experimental Therapeutics
Jill M. Kolesar Experimental Therapeutics
Laura Knoll Unaligned
Sally Ann Kraft Cancer Control
Betty J. Kramer Cancer Control
Pamela K. Kreeger Tumor Microenvironment
John S. Kuo Imaging and Radiation Sciences
David M. Kushner Experimental Therapeutics
Kristine L. Kwekkeboom Cancer Control
Glen S. Kwon Experimental Therapeutics
Christos Kyriakopoulos Experimental Therapeutics 



Paul F. Lambert Human Cancer Virology
Dudley W. Lamming Cell Signaling
Joshua M. Lang  Experimental Therapeutics
Diane Lauver Cancer Control
Ticiana Leal Experimental Therapeutics
Fred T. Lee Imaging and Radiation Sciences
Leonard A. Levin Imaging and Radiation Sciences
Peter W. Lewis Cancer Genetics
Glenn Liu Experimental Therapeutics
Ricardo V. Lloyd Tumor Microenvironment
Noelle K. LoConte Cancer Control
Daniel D. Loeb Human Cancer Virology
B. Jack Longley Tumor Microenvironment
Walter L. Longo Experimental Therapeutics
Sam J. Lubner Experimental Therapeutics



Thomas Rockwell Mackie Imaging and Radiation Sciences
Ernest L. Madsen Imaging and Radiation Sciences
Miroslav Malkovsky Experimental Therapeutics
Paul C. Marker Cancer Genetics
Rebecca M. Marnocha Experimental Therapeutics
Ana P. Martinez-Donate Cancer Control
Kristina Matkowskyj Chemoprevention 
Ryan J. Mattison Experimental Therapeutics
Thomas A. McFarland Experimental Therapeutics
Douglas G. McNeel Experimental Therapeutics
Janet E. Mertz Human Cancer Virology
Mary Elizabeth Meyerand Imaging and Radiation Sciences
Charles A. Mistretta Imaging and Radiation Sciences
Shigeki Miyamoto Cell Signaling
D. Paul Moberg Cancer Control
Amy R. Moser Cancer Genetics
Deane F. Mosher Tumor Microenvironment
Ladan Mostaghimi Chemoprevention
Hasan Mukhtar Chemoprevention
Daniel L. Mulkerin Experimental Therapeutics



Heather B. Neuman Cancer Control
Polly A. Newcomb Cancer Control
Michael A. Newton Cancer Genetics
Robert J. Nickles Imaging and Radiation Sciences
F Javier Nieto Cancer Control
Minakshi Nihal Chemoprevention