American Family Children's Hospital

Becoming a UWCCC Member

Procedure for UWCCC Membership Application


A request for UWCCC membership consideration must come from a UWCCC Program Leader. The Leader submits a letter of nomination to the UWCCC Director for consideration by the UWCCC Executive Committee. The nomination letter should describe the prospective member's qualifications to be a member of the Cancer Center and include a description of how the individual will contribute to the Leader's Program. The investigator's full curriculum vitae, including history of research funding, should be provided with the letter. A membership application form must also be completed.


Qualifications for Membership


Members are selected for their active participation in cancer research, their peer-reviewed research support and their personal commitment to involvement in the activities of the UWCCC, specifically their commitment to supporting collaborative research within the Cancer Center.


Member applications are prepared by the program leader and formally presented for review at monthly meetings of the UWCCC Executive Committee.  A formal vote is taken and acceptance requires a majority approval.  The new member receives a letter from the Director noting membership approval.  The new member signs the letter to acknowledge his/her membership. 


Arrangements should be made with the appropriate Program Leader for submission of the letter of nomination, curriculum vitae and completed membership application to Dr. Howard Bailey for membership consideration.  Please contact Max Olin (608-890-3563) with questions.


Scientific Program Program Leaders
Cancer Control  Amy Trentham-Dietz
Elizabeth Burnside
Cancer Genetics Emery Bresnick
Michael Newton
Cell Signaling

Shigeki Miyamoto

Jing Zhang

Chemoprevention David Jarrard
Hasan Mukhtar
Experimental Therapeutics Glenn Liu
Human Cancer Virology

Paul Ahlquist
Shannon Kenney

Imaging and Radiation Science

Mark Ritter

Robert Jeraj

Tumor Microenvironment

Patricia J. Keely

David Beebe