American Family Children's Hospital

Providing Excellent Care for Our Littlest Urology Patients

UW Health pediatric urologist Bruce Slaughenhoupt with a young patientThe section of Pediatric Urology at UW Health provides a full line of urologic care for the children of Wisconsin and the surrounding region. At American Family Children's Hospital, pediatric urologists, nurse practitioners and urology nurses work as a team to meet the many urologic needs of their patients.


Dr. John Kryger and Dr. Bruce Slaughenhoupt, both fellowship trained and board certified in Pediatric Urology, care for children with a broad range of urologic issues. These range from congenital anomalies such as ambiguous genitalia, hypospadias or undescended testes, to urinary issues such as incontinence, bedwetting, urinary tract infections and Pediatric Kidney Stones.


Nurse practitioners Ann Byrne and Tricia Thaker assist by caring for many of the children with dysfunctional voiding issues. Together, with a team of nurses they are able to help families by providing extensive pre-operative teaching and preparation, as well as post-operative care.


Drs. Kryger and Slaughenhoupt see patients primarily at American Family Children's Hospital, but also serve by doing outreach clinics throughout the region.


American Family Children's Hospital offers services to many children through their multidisciplinary clinics. Both the Pediatric Spina Bifida Clinic and the Pediatric Kidney Stone Clinic are examples of such clinics which allow children and their families access to specialists from many services during a single visit.


Dr. Kryger and Ann Byrne staff the Spina Bifida clinic and care for children with some of the most complex urologic issues. Dr. Slaughenhoupt, Ann Byrne, and Kris Penniston, PhD, RD staff the Pediatric Kidney Stone clinic and provide state-of-the-art care by not only treating stones once they form, but also by working to prevent further stone formation. Their work has received acknowledgement in several publications including The New York Times.


The section of Pediatric Urology has grown significantly during the past several years, resulting in outstanding clinical care to patients and the pursuit of research interests. The main areas of research within the pediatric section focus on kidney stone treatment and recurrence prevention as well as outcomes measures for optimizing bladder and bowel continence with neurologic conditions.


It is Pediatric Urology's goal to continue this growth to further meet the needs of the children and families of the region.


Increase of Kidney Stones in Young Patients


The increase of kidney stones in our pediatric patients has prompted concern and action within UW Urology. Our Web site has resources for parents detailing information on this condition and course of treatment: