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As of April 2014, there are almost 1,900 individuals on the waiting list for a kidney transplant in the state of Wisconsin and more than 100,000 in the nation, according to the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS).
Meet Dr. Mandelbrot, medical director of the kidney transplant program at UW Health, and listen as he explains the benefits of living kidney donation and the steps to take to find a donor.


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About Living Kidney Donation

Living organ donors fall in one of two categories:
  • Direct Donation: The living donor knows the organ recipient and wants to donate directly to that person. This is the most prevalent form of donation and consists primarily of relatives or close friends of the organ recipient. Transplants involving relatives have proven to be the most successful over time because of the blood relationship between donor and patient. Donors must be healthy and match the recipient's blood type and antigens. If they do not match each other, donors and recipients can enroll in the kidney exchange program.
  • Non-Directed, Altruistic or Humanitarian Donation: The living donor does not know the organ recipient. The donor may choose to donate to the next person they match at a specific transplant center or can participate in a paired-exchange or kidney chain donation through the kidney exchange program
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