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At UW Health, we recognize that our surroundings impact our health and well-being. That's why environmental sustainability - living and demonstrating "green" or eco-friendly behaviors - is part of our mission of social responsibility.


We are proud to support and contribute to a greener UW Health and community through energy and water conservation, waste reduction, green transportation, sustainable business practices and outreach.


Learn how you can get involved by taking Green STEPS - large or small - and explore some of the progress already being made at UW Health. Or, Contact us with your suggestions or questions about environmental practices at UW Health.


UW Health Composting Initiative 

Composting Initiative


Our composting program came full circle this year when our landscaper began using the University's compost, which includes UW Health's organic waste, as a soil amendment on UW Health sites.


Learn more about our composting initiative

Retrocommissioning, UW Health Green STEPS 

Energy Savings


Recent building improvement projects are already saving UW Health thousands of dollars, and sustainability leaders expect cost savings to continue for many years to come. The energy impact of these updates is equivalent to 903 passenger vehicles taken off the road, or 391 homes' energy use for one year.


Learn more about the project

Energy to Care Award 

Energy to Care Award


Because of our significant energy reduction efforts, UW Health was named a 2015 Energy to Care Award Winner and honored at the Annual ASHE (American Society for Healthcare Engineering) Conference in Boston.

Plastic film recycling, UW Health Green STEPS

Blue Sterile Wrap and Plastic Film Recycling


Through UW Health's new recycling programs, we are able to divert all blue sterile wrap and plastic film from the landfill.

OR Devices Recycled

Reprocessing Single-Use Devices


Since the single-use device reprocessing program started in January 2015, UW Health has diverted a total of 12,800 single-use devices from the landfill, which is equivalent to 3,600 pounds of waste. In August 2015 alone, staff diverted 2,144 devices, which is equivalent to 480 pounds of waste.

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