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Sports Medicine Fitness Center: Who We Are

UW Health Sports Medicine Fitness CenterThe UW Health Sports Medicine Fitness Center in Madison, Wisconsin offers a wide range of exercise/physical activity options.


Vision and Philosophy


Sports Medicine Fitness Center staff believes in and promotes the essential role physical activity plays in optimal health. Regular physical activity has a significant impact on individual health and we aim to help each of our participants achieve these benefits.


A Medically-based Facility


We approach exercise/physical activity from a medical perspective:

  • As an important member of the University of Wisconsin and the UW Health teams, we are uniquely positioned to work with clients with many medical and athletic conditions
  • All participants are screened, including a physician authorization and in-depth interview/assessment 
  • Participants receive fitness assessment testing as appropriate
  • Our staff has experience working with most medical conditions
  • Our staff is trained and experienced in emergency response
  • We communicate with the medical community, including regular consultation with participant’s health care providers. These include physicians, nurses, physical therapists and others.

Professional Principles

  • Partner to Empower: Our participants will become knowledgeable and independent exercisers. These factors promote success by empowering participants to choose (i.e., want) to maintain and develop their fitness.
  • Personal Working Relationships: We are committed to knowing each of our participants. We forge working relationships between our customers and our individual/collective staff.
  • Specifically For You: We know that every person has unique concerns and experiences. We'll help you find a program that is suited to your specific health and medical situation, goals and interests, schedule, lifestyle, and motivational and support needs. You will learn ways to make exercise/physical activity part of your everyday lifestyle.