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This Month in Sports Rehabilitation: Runners Clinic (April 2011)

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Annually, 25-50 percent of recreational runners sustain injuries that interrupt their training.1,2 The causes of running injuries are many:

  • The runner's physical makeup (inadequate strength, flexibility or joint range-of-motion)
  • Mechanical faults such as overstriding or improper deceleration
  • Training errors including inappropriate volume, intensity, frequency or progression
  • Old running shoes (rather than the shoe's arch height, cushioning, or style of shoe)3

Runners Clinic


UW Health Sports Medicine has a specialty Runners Clinic available for running athletes. Physical therapists perform video analysis of running mechanics for injury prevention and performance. Biomechanical assessments are used in combination with a thorough musculoskeletal evaluation to address injury and performance issues.


By combining targeted exercises with modifications to running form, treatment plans are developed to get people back to running following injury. For patients interested in improving performance, we offer video evaluation of running mechanics and corrective training drills. Our staff also collaborates with UW Health Sports Medicine physicians for comprehensive care following injury.


Seasonal Runners Seminar


On April 12 Amy Schubert, PT, DPT, and Jenny Kempf, MPT, CSCS, presented a workshop for recreational runners at the UW Health Sports Medicine Center. The workshop focused on running injuries, running mechanics, proper training progressions, strength training and proper footwear.


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