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Please call (608) 263-4765 and indicate you are interested in a Swimmers Clinic evaluation.


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The 60-minute sessions cost $150. Please check with your insurance plan for reimbursement.


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Sports Training Tips: Swimming (pdf)

UW Health Sports Rehabilitation's Swimmers Clinic can help swimmers avoid injuries and recover quickly if they are injured.UW Health Sports Medicine's Sports Rehabilitation program offers a Swimmers Clinic that uses video-based biomechanical evaluations to address swimming injuries and improve swimming performance.
Stroke View Video System

UW Health Sports Rehabilitation uses Stroke View, a four-camera system that allows for simultaneous underwater and over-water video capture from multiple angles. Stroke View has a 22-inch monitor on the pool deck for immediate review and feedback. This comprehensive biomechanical analysis allows for identification of stroke faults that may be causing pain/injury or limiting performance.


Swimming Injury Evaluations


Biomechanical video swimming evaluation is used in combination with musculoskeletal examination to address injuries and performance issues. The injury evaluation includes:

  • A review of swimming training, injury and performance
  • A physical examination including strength, flexibility, posture and alignment
  • Clinical testing of injuries
  • Video analysis of swimming biomechanics
  • A treatment plan which may include drills to correct stroke flaws, training recommendations, and/or exercises to normalize strength, flexibility and posture

Our Swimmers Clinic swimming experts use biomechanical assessments to improve performance.All test findings will be reviewed immediately following the examination.


Swimming Performance Evaluations


The Sports Rehabilitation program uses biomechanical swimming evaluation and other measures to improve swimming performance or prevent future injury. The performance evaluation includes:

  • A screening examination of strength, flexibility and posture that may affect swimming biomechanics
  • Video analysis of swimming biomechanics
  • Drills and training recommendations to improve mechanics and performance